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WELCOME and Thank you for visiting our company information page.  

You probably visited this page to learn more about our business and to get answers for questions like “who owns this business or is it safe to do business with them or to use our extensive list of FREE DUE DILIGENCE RESOURCES“.  Whatever your reason, we welcome you and invite your inquiries if you do not find what you are seeking while reviewing our website.

Free Global B2B Marketing Resources

Free Global B2B Marketing Resources
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First let me say that this web page was originally created for what was once our main website, which I am quite proud of but which has now seen it’s better days and is offered for sale.

how the Alverno College Library website described our website as being – “It’s a no-frills site with plenty of solid, practical information.”

If you are seeking international business to business marketing resources to help you answer questions or grow your business thru B2B marketing, then you have found a great resource and you should bookmark “this” site now so you may visit often.  We have and are moving the most important pages from ImportExportHelp to MexicoBusinessPortal.

If you are visiting this page to utilize the due diligence resources compiled below, you are congratulated because performing due diligence on every business or individual you are contemplating doing business with (including ours) is something you must do.

It can be very costly to you personally and/or your business when considering doing business with individuals or businesses, whether you find them on the Internet or in your home town.  This is written from 29+ years of experience.

Some basic facts about Coble International:

  • Name of Business:  Coble International

  • Date Coble International Was Started:  March 1988

  • Name of Owner:   Ronald Coble

  • Address:  1420 Steeple Chase Drive, Dover, PA 17315 yes, this is a home office – we do everything online which allows us to pass along overhead savings to you, our customers.  I have lived and worked from this address since 1986 and I have lived and worked in this area of Pennsylvania for all of my 60+ years on this Earth, except for the time I served on active duty in the US Military. This will be the last website I operate before entering full retirement.

  • Telephone Number:  412-944-2473 or 717-467-1835

More References To Our Web Site and/or Ron Coble

  • Ebay Radio – I was a featured guest on May 11th, 2004 click here to listen to the interview

  • Listed in The International Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs (1998 edition).

  • You can look on page 166 in the best selling book “The Best Homebased Businesses of the 90’s” by Paul and Sara Edwards where we are listed as a resource for international trade.

  • Dan Kennedy’s book “How To Make Millions With Your Ideas” also features our business on page 209 as a business resource.

  • March 1994 issue of Income Opportunities magazine you will find a full-length article about our business.

  • A short write up in the June 1997 issue of Entrepreneur magazine.

  • Our business – Coble International – is given as a Resource on Page 45 of an  article titled “TEN BEST-BET Businesses for the 1990s” as written by Paul and Sarah Edwards and published in the July 1992 edition of Home Office Computing.

Our web site has “many” online references (links) to us that I am very proud of, but several of them are especially impressive (at least to me) – here they are – just click on the name and you may have to search on the page a bit to find us (NOTE: some are listed under our domain):

  • Alverno College Library – Milwaukee WI – they have us listed under the Small Business Resources sub-heading (about 1/2 way down the webpage) with the description we are quite proud of: “Here you’ll find links to international trade sites; guides to importing and exporting; frequently asked questions about importing and exporting; and a list of incoterms (terms used in international trade). It’s a no-frills site with plenty of solid, practical information.”

  • Entrepreneur Magazine’s Website – in a March 24th, 2006 article titled “Selling Your Inventory Online” they reference in the 5th paragraph of the article and again in an article on August 31st, 2005 in an article titled “Become a Product-Sourcing Pro in the 7th paragraph of the article they reference once again.

The following is a short list of the global organizations that utilize Web Sites and B2B resources:

  • United States Chamber of Commerce

  • United States Government Department of Environmental Protection

  • Cairo Egypt Branch of the American Chamber of Commerce

  • Peruvian Government’s Export Promotion Agency

  • Economic Development Program for the State of Virginia

  • External Trade Development Council for China

  • Muskegon Michigan Community College and the Public Library of Calgary, Alberta Canada

  • African Development and Trade Bank For Southern and Eastern Africa

  • Export Import – manufacturing and services businesses located in 70 countries


How To “Check Out” a Business Or Individual Before
Doing Business With Them

Definition of Due Diligence:  The process of investigation, performed by investors (or in this case by consumers), into the details of a potential investment (purchase), such as an examination of operations and management and the verification of material facts.

Bookmark this page now so you may easily continue to avail yourself of all B2B research tools detailed below.  It cannot be emphasized enough how IMPORTANT it is for you to perform DUE DILIGENCE both in your international business and in your personal affairs.

Our business has experienced fraudulent orders amounting to
over $1,000,000 since 2001 So I Know A Little Bit About What Fraudsters Look Like

However, through the consistent application of due diligence on “every” order received, no matter the size, using  a variety of security measures have prevented us from losing any revenue.

To help you get started, most of the same due diligence resources we employ each day are listed and explained in detail below.

Investigate Every Business Or Individual you are considering doing business with –
whether that business is online or offline

To help you “check us out” or any other business or person you are considering doing business with, you now have access (via this web page) to some of the most powerful due diligence research resources available.  The investigative resources listed below are the same that we use daily and represent research compiled from years of experience in dealing with international businesses and business people.

The due diligence resources listed below are FREE and they are not associated with our business, we do not own stock in any of the companies, nor do we collect any sort of advertising fee for providing the recommendation.  The investigative suggestions provided with these resources are extremely valuable for both your domestic and international business dealings.

You may wish to begin using the resources on this page now by checking out our business, Coble International and the owner, Ron Coble (me).  You may consider this page and the resources listed here to be a valuable (and free) first lesson in doing business, whether internationally or domestically and whether online or offline.

Here is the list of due diligence research tools that are invaluable to our business – be sure to use them (and bookmark them) starting today:

1.  Perform a Reverse Check on the company’s or individual’s telephone number.  The purpose of this is to learn if they have been at a location long enough to show up in a telephone directory.  Go to: – type in the phone number you are inquiring about and google will produce all the results they have on file and if the number is listed in a main phone directory, it will be listed at the top under the title “Phonebook Results”.  (NOTE: this will not give you any details for an “unlisted” number and any business having an “unlisted number” should be a first caution flag for you to consider – if they want to do business with you then they should have a phone number that is ‘public’ and not hidden from the public).

There are other web sites providing this service also, just do a search in any major search engine for the terms “reverse lookup” or “reverse telephone lookup” (use the quotation marks to narrow your search), many will charge you a fee to learn more details, most of which can be found through a Google search..

Go ahead now and visit and enter our telephone number in the search box like this “717-467-1835” or “412-944-2473″ and see what you get. UPDATE: Due to hearing loss I now list a voicemail number that prints out the voice message and sends it to me as an email – using the reverse phone number check is no longer as reliable with the advent of everyone having cell phones.  Google voice provides a great, free service by allowing full voicemail services and transcription of the message which is then sent to you in an email which for a person with hearing problems (like me) makes phone messages easier to understand.

However, in the case of a business presenting themselves as a “large” business whether they are a potential supplier or buyer, they should have a phone number that comes up along with a physical address – Google knows all and sees all – use it!


2.  Search for the “Quality of the web sites that “link” to the site you are thinking about doing business with.  Most reputable businesses and government organizations are “very” careful about who or what they list on their web sites as a resource.

One thing you will not find with most (if not all) of our “competitor” web sites are links from what are considered “Highly” reputable or “authority” sites.

Those links are listed closer to the top of this page under the “More References” section.

3.  How long has their website been registered?  Our first website was in 15 Nov 1999 and was first registered on 13 Nov 2014.   

You can check this information or that of another web site by visiting and typing in our domain names as shown in this paragraph.  You do not need to type in the “www.”  – once the information comes up, scroll until you see the “Creation Date” – this is the date the web site was first registered.

This is a valuable tool to use in learning how long a business has been on the Internet.  WORDS OF CAUTION – it is now possible to register a web site domain name and keep the registration private – this is another cautionary flag you should use in making a judgment call on whether to do business with them or not.  Some of the information listed in the registration might also be inaccurate, so be sure to cross reference what you have been given with what is showing on the domain registration information.

An alternative to the web site referred to above is – their search box is located about the middle of the screen with a drop down arrow showing the various .name options.

VERY IMPORTANT NEW POINT:  A recent article about online fraud advised the same information given above but with one other item you should also consider.

The article stated that most fraudulent operations have no intention of being in operation for very long – so they only register their domain names for the shortest period possible, usually one year.  Example: expiration date is 13 November 2017(Personally, I am very cautious of any web site domain name that shows a very recent registration date consider this to be another flag meaning it needs to be investigated even more thoroughly).

LAST: Below is a link to a website that archives ALL websites and if a website is less than ONE year old, it most likely will not show up in their archives.  Here is a link to this service so you may view the archives they have on our site starting in 2000 (their service lags by about 6 months from when a website is posted to the net) – Here are links to our two websites – THIS IS AN INCREDIBLY VALUABLE RESOURCE – BE SURE TO BOOKMARK IT –*/ and/or*/

4.  If they have a website – research how many times their domain name shows up in the major search engines.

Go to and put the following search term in the search area:  “” – be sure to use the quotation marks.  The number of pages in the Google index will fluctuate, however if they have been online for any amount of time, the number of times they show up in Google is a good indication of how long they have had an actively promoted web site.  Remember this little research technique, if you remember nothing else, it is one of the best ways to check out the “legitimacy” and “longevity” of a web site.

ANOTHER VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  Anyone in the world can register a domain name for as little as $2.99 (or less) a year and have their email routed through it making it look more legitimate.

Some rip off artists/fraudsters/spammers set up a website for email purposes only.  They know that having an email address with ‘what looks like’ a legitimate web site address helps them to gain your confidence.  So you should ‘always’ visit the web site used in the email address to see if there is anything there other than a Under Construction page or just a nearly blank page.

Once they have done all their scamming or spamming with that URL (URL is the website name or the .com; .net; .org; .us; .biz example:, they simply register another one and let the previous one expire at the end of year registration period and disappear back under the rock from which they came.

Look for and deal with web sites that have ‘longevity’ but you should still perform your other ‘due diligence’ checks because old domain names that have been registered for years can be purchased by anyone if the present owner fails or forgets to renew their registration.

5.  Do they give you a telephone number where you can call them?  If so, pick up the telephone and call them, but realize that today’s technology can forward a call to any location without you (the caller) realizing it.

As we stated above, you should feel free to call us anytime, however, if you are located outside the USA or Canada, use the contact form because of time differences and for clarity of your message due to my hearing loss (and sanity from getting spam callers at all hours of the day and night).  Here again is our telephone number as it is shown on all of our web site pages:  717-467-1835.

6.  Check the Better Business Bureau.  If you have questions about my company, check us out with the Better Business Bureau. Although we are not members, we have a spotless record. Go to the BBB site now and check for yourself:  Eastern Pennsylvania Better Business Bureau

If the business you are considering doing business with has been around for any length of time, the BBB will have some sort of record on them, so check them out. If there is no record, then you have to consider they probably have not been in business very long.

7.  Search for the owner’s name on the major Search Engines.  Be sure to enclose their name in quotation marks, i.e., “Ronald Coble” or common nicknames like “Ron Coble”. Yes, you will find other Ron Coble’s, in fact I believe on is a congressman or something, but you will find many that are related to me.

The quotation marks will help focus your search.  When using the Google search engine you should search their general search engine listings first and then also click on the Groups option which is one of the links above where you type in your search information request.

This type of search, especially on the Google Groups will sometimes turn up some very revealing information if someone or a business has been dishonest or has ripped off customers in the past.  Access to this type of information is one of the great things about the Internet, it allows you to perform verification and research on just about any individual or business for free.

8.  Check out their bank references.   **Note: This one is reserved for larger transactions – a web site owner is probably not going to give you this kind of information if all you are doing is making a couple of hundred dollar purchase.

However, if you are going to be doing an import or export deal for a large amount of money, be sure to get their bank information and ask the business owner or party with whom you are dealing if they mind if you call the bank to verify they have an account there.

If they are reluctant to give you even the most basic of information like the banks name and the branch where they do their business – STOP and do not move forward until you have completely verified their legitimacy.

If they give you a bank and branch name, then cross reference the information they give you by first running a check on the Internet.

If you cannot locate their bank on the Internet through a Google or Yahoo search, there is a good possibility you are being set up to be scammed.

If you locate their bank information, call the bank, identify yourself and tell them why you are calling which is basically that you are negotiating with the name of the person you are contemplating doing business with and that they have advised you they do their business banking with their branch.

Advise them that “all” you are trying to do is verify that this person and/or their business is indeed a customer of their bank.  They may ask you to fax some of the details of your proposed transaction and correspondence on your letterhead or that of your prospective buyer/seller due to privacy laws.

The unfortunate thing in the world today is that the fraudsters far outnumber the honest business people and unlike the “innocent until proven guilty” premise followed in USA law, “fraudster until proven legitimate” is the rule of the day.

I write from experience having had well over $1,000,000 in fraudulent orders 2001 thru 2009. Although we have reduced the ratio of fraud orders to 5:1 from 10 to one, the fraudsters are still out there and increasing exponentially. BEWARE. 

9.  RIPOFF REPORT – Before you spend any money with a business you found on the Internet or from which you received information through the mail, visit: – be sure to use their web site search engine.

Type in or copy and paste the company’s name and/or the owner’s last name and/or their  telephone number and/or their web site address (hint: all you need is the name (or .net, .org, .us, etc.) – you do not need the entire http or www stuff).  See if anything comes up.

Searching for just part of the company name and/or all of it, don’t think by searching just one or two ways that you have covered all the bases, you must use a variety of different combinations and/or reference points to find anything that may be posted.  

SPECIAL NOTE: If you are unwilling to perform the little amount of research suggested to you here, you better forget about going into business for yourself, especially the import export business.  Quite frankly, if you do not perform due diligence on who or where you send your money, you are a mark looking for a rip off artist to take your money.  If that offends you, so be it, but if it does it might just save you some of your hard earned money.

10.  Access to the owner or proprietor of the business or web site.  When evaluating who you can trust doing business with (especially on the Internet) ask yourself how easy has the owner(s) of the web site made it to contact them?  The more difficult it is to contact them, the more suspicious you should be of doing business with them.

11. is the BEST FREE resource to help you locate information, both good and bad, on someone or on a business. Get acquainted with Google’s “advanced” search option.  You can also use the advanced option to show 100 results at one time which makes it easier for you to scan over the results you find.

You can also use Google’s advance search techniques with multiple data items so you could put in a business name in quotes followed by and with the city name in quotes, like this:  “Coble International” and “Dover” and it would bring up all the results google has with our business name and the city of Dover on that results page.  Very powerful targeted way to search and find good and/or bad stuff on someone or a business.

Now that you know ‘practically’ everything there is to know about Coble International, we hope you will see the value of doing business with a business that has been around since 1988.  A business whose owner values our reputation and appreciates your visit with us and who hopes you will visit on a regular basis.  

Take care and we wish you the best of health and success.

Ron Coble – Owner
Coble International



Here is a “small” sample of the testimonials regarding our products, our assistance and our level of service to our customers that we have received at Coble International since starting our business in 1988: (letters and emails are on file at office of Coble International):


My name is Rich. I’ve been struggling with learning even the basics of import/export. I bought course after course and each was practically useless. I made the decision to buy the Import Export Course Toolkit from your site, and it has to be among the best educational products I have ever bought. I was nervous about the price in the beginning, but I now consider my purchase a fantastic investment. Thank you!

Follow Up Comments after we asked Rich for permission to use his testimonial – the use of my comments is absolutely okay with me.

You guys have a fantastic product. I’m actually trying to put together a couple of textile deals as I received your email. Can’t thank you enough!

Rich. R. – Bridgeport, Connecticut USA – April 17, 2009 – Follow Up Comments – April 28, 2009

Dear Ron,

Your Import Export Toolkit is excellent. So much information, easy to understand. I’m lucky that I didn’t go with the other program that would of cost me over $8000. If anybody follow this program they will be successful. Thanks again.

Afshin M. – Pickerington, Ohio USA – Email dated February 18, 2009

This one has two parts from the same customer:

Part 1 – Ron,

Thank you so much for this and thinking of me.

I can not tell you how exciting I am finding your course. It is so much easier to understand than the books I have purchased on the subject.

I will review this immediately.

I will stay in touch and thank you so much again. Leo P. – Glendale, AZ – Email dated July 31, 2008

Part 2 – Ron,

Thank you so much for your quick response.

In the future I will work harder on getting the phone number. I had to go through many people to get to him, as it was, so might as well get that instead of an email.

I did not know what to call myself, foolish of me to call myself an EMC. Should have just said a Brokering Company, or the like.

Got the point on the I we thing, great insight, thank you.

Leo P. – Glendale, AZ – Email dated December 19, 2008

Good Morning Ron,

Received yesterday the CD’s in the mail. All look good, and with no flying for me til Wed of next week, I am going into this head first! Lot of info. I am through the first two CD’s recommended. Much more today.

Thanks again for all your time and honesty. I am excited to have found you all and your program….. I have multiple products in mind to begin looking at for exporting….

Jason I. – Email dated April 11, 2008

Hello Ron:

I wanted to take the time to thank you personally for forwarding my email to Dr. Shaw of Dubai, UAE. I met him and his son in Dubai on Monday, and it was pleasure to meet both gentlemen and the possibility of making a sale is looking very good. I was in Dubai on Monday, as Dubai is our contractors “hub” city for departure flights to our Rest and Relaxation locations. Mine location is back home in MS to see my boys, although there is no rest in a 20+ flight and connection time in airports etc!

Thank you again, and I will keep in touch.

Chad Steenwyk – Email dated March 26, 2008


Thank you for all the great information and free goodies! I’m both excited and terrified at the same time, but anxious to get the ball rolling and your freebies and information will help.

Lets stay in touch. Maybe we can work some deals together and remember I still do financing for commercial businesses. I share generously for any leads.

Thanks again Ron….

Sandi Vandiver – Email dated January 24, 2008

Dear Ron,

I GREATLY appreciate the information that you sent to me, and the fact that it was so prompt. I will explore Mexico as you suggested. I hold your company in high regard.


Leigh Thomas – Email Dated December 17, 2007

Hi Ron!

Thank you VERY much. Our students will benefit from the great information.

Susan, Northern Arizona University – Email Dated November 29, 2007

Dear Ron,

Under “Auto Export” on Google, I have received great response. has received a lot of new business for exporting automobiles overseas.

You did a great job of placing in the main stream of all the action.

Best regards,

Mark Dann
Owner – Email Dated November 14, 2007

Hello Ron,

just to inform you that we got today the Food And Beverage Directory of Importers,

thank you. 

Very good first impression, congratulations.

Thank you, Regards,

Andrea Tonacchera – Milano, Italy – Email dated October 19, 2007

Hello Ron,

Thank you very much for painstakingly explaining me through this Export/Import business. You may not realize how far your email taught me. Your advice is well taken.

Of course your site will be of great help to me in the future.

Thanks again.

R. Akoson – Email Dated October 3, 2007

Dear Sir,

Thank you for helping me for the directory of watches. Actually, I am willing to buy Jewellery And Costume jewely Importers Directory as well. But may I ask you that how many datas of China, Taiwan, South Korea, Hongkong in this directory? To buy the directory, this information will be very important to us.

Look forward to your soonest response.

Thank you and best regards,

Park Ju-Yeon – Email Dated July 23, 2007

Dear Ron,

Just to inform you, i have received my package. Thanks!!!! Is nice doing business with your company, I appreciate your hard work.

Have a nice day.

Kind regards,

Dodo Okpokiri – Email Dated July 10, 2007

Hello again Ron,

Thank you Ron. All were downloaded. No problems. There is a wealth of information here. You may not realize it but your wisdom, guidance and influence that you have generously given through your website is very valuable. Few people do that. I admire you.

Thank you again for the material Ron.

Pete – Email Dated April 18, 2007

Good evening Mr. Ron Coble:

I’m an adjunct professor at Miami Dade College and teach import and export courses. I’d like to maintain my subscription to your web site because I want to have some updated information of products and business opportunities in the industry and pass it on to my students.

I’m semi-retired from 30 years of working in the logistics industry.


Carlos – Email Dated February 11, 2007

Mr Coble,

I thank you for such a prompt reply as well as very honest (not canned) answers. I will be doing much business with you in the near future.


Hosea – Email Dated October 15, 2006

Thank you very much Ron for your insightful and eye opening advice. I have been looking for someone who is willing to give the truth about this exporting process. This company I was talking about is doing just what you mention. They are trying to rush me into producing a Pro Forma Invoice so they could raise financing for the purchase (So they say.) from me. I will be very careful from now on and maintain control on my end and also check them out in the process.

Thanks again,

C. Boone – Email Dated February 23, 2006

Dear Sir,

First of all I want to thank you for the resourceful information you have provided in your course. I have gained tremendous benefit from this course. I am now a professional international trader and I have attained this edge because of it. I have formed an offshore company in Hong Kong and I am engaged in international trade. I am now on the verge of concluding a long term contract of cement with the major importer of Guinea in West Africa. On the same token I am also negotiating with a factory in China as their EMC in Africa to secure the cement order. It was not easy to achieve all this but was worth the effort. Most important of all your course has been my guide and reference.

It has been great pleasure taking your course the import/export tool kit. Thank you for your kind co-operation.

Best regards

Hassan Arteh – RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA – Email Dated August 4, 2005

Thank-you for taking the time to speak to me the other day regarding the possible fraud on the internet on the sale of the BMW “from England”. With a bit of research, I discovered the car’s identity/vin/pictures were stolen off of the web and reproduced on auto I actually spoke to the dealer who actually has the car in his showroom!!!

Thanks again for your help. My two sons got a real life lesson from our research and their eyes were certainly opened.

D. Rudolph, Kitty Hawk, NC – Email dated May 17, 2005

Thank you for advising me with my question, I will locate freight forwarders
in Norway and maybe they have a EDI system that could be compatible with my
system. Thanks again :o)

-Tommy- Norway – Email dated April 16, 2005

And I have to tell you that your material IS GREAT!!!!


NONE OF THEM HELPED ME SO MUCH AS YOUR (and I have not even been able to see all the material!!!)

Thank you for such EXCELLENT books!!

Ludmila Crawford
Las Vegas, Nevada – Email dated February 28, 2005 to our publisher about their Import-Export Training materials we offer on our web site

Hi Ron,

Thanks for shipping our order so efficiently, the parcel arrived yesterday in exceptional condition, it was good to do business with you, thanks again.

Kevin And Sue McKelvey
Canada – Email dated February 23, 2005

Dear Mr. Ron Coble,

Thank you very much for your email and the extra information.

Best Regards.
Heather Chen – Email dated August 31, 2004

Greetings Ron,

Once again I thank you for your kindness.

You kind folks at Business to Business Directory of Importers really made me at ease with your services.  I purchased product information that was not suitable to my business needs and you informed me of this fact and returned my sales fee.  I will never forget my encounters with your business.

If I ever need products or services like the Business to Business Directory of Importers, I will gladly contact you again and will pass this information on to my friends.

Ray A. Johnson 
District Heights Md – Email dated August 12, 2004

Dear Ron:

Thanks for the tip!

I found one right here in California! Thanks a lot.

Robert Soracco – Email dated June 9, 2004

Thank you so much for your quick reply. I have contacted the recommended departments and hope to see some results! Thanks again and we sincerely appreciate your assistance. 

Kind Regards,

Cindee L. Hand
Marketing Operations Manager
Primary Marketing Concepts – Email dated May 19, 2004

I just wanted to take the time to thank you. It was very nice to see an e-mail response about my question. I can not tell you how much I appreciate you writing back with some great ideas and guidance. Once again, thank you so much and I will do as you suggest.

Heath Bradex – Email dated May 18, 2004

Dear Mr. Coble,

Thank you for your quick response. We value your service already. The address is correct. We hope to receive the goods soon.

Kind regards,

Koen Maas
THE NETHERLANDS – Email dated April 27, 2004


Thank you for the quick response. I am going to my son’s basketball game and will read the information you sent me during the “warm up.”

Again, thanks for putting time into this and for sending it so quickly. Your professionalism shows and sets you apart from the other opportunities.

Melanie – Email dated February 27, 2004


WOW! I am very impressed. I am trying to help our company do more business on the internet, as well as to find importers around the world. I will probably buy your medical directory. 

Jim Currie (Chairman)
Van Air, Inc.
Lake City, PA (near Erie) – Email dated January 27, 2004

Hello Again,

Thank you very much..your generosity is not new to me or to others readers whom benefit from your very dedicated hard work on your website and newsletter.  Keep up the good spirit and good work..and Happy new year to you and your family.

Best Regards
Ahmed Mohamed – Email dated January 4, 2004

Dear Ronald,

Thanks, and appreciate your response and immediate action.

Nice day to you.

B.K.Pradheep – Email dated November 16, 2003

Thank you so much Ron.
We received the package today.
It’s been pleasure doing business with you.
We’ll send more your way.

Kindest Regards

Vivienne Williams – Milton, Ontario – Email dated October 14th, 2003 in response to receiving their Electro-shield order.

Dear Mr. Ron Coble,

Glad to tell you that I have received the plastic directory. Your work is efficient and good. Thanks!

Now I’d like to inquiry if you have directory about rubber products or rubber auto parts? If so, kind to advice me.

Best regards,

Chong Li
NINGBO,CHINA – Email dated August 7th, 2003

Dear Mr. Coble:

I received and have begun using your North American Directory and while I have not yet fully explored its possibilities, my first impression is very positive.

Could I ask you if your South And Central American directory is scheduled for
update or may it be purchased?


David Rasquinha
Resident Representative
Export-Import Bank of India – Email dated July 18, 2003


Just wanted to let you know I received the package on Monday.

I have been like a kid in a candy store. I didn’t know where to start. I am a bit of an information junkie. Now the key is to take this and do something with it. 

By the way In saw your name in the Dan Kennedy mail order book. Very impressive.

Thank you again and hope we will talk again in the future.

Mark Steffenson  –  Email dated April 16, 2003
Cormad Sales And Marketing


I wanted to write and say thanks again for speaking with me and your
help in answering all my questions and the encouragement you gave me.
I received the import/export toolkit and it blew me away.  It is
definitely worth every penny!  I have only gone through two of the
books and the information and resources provided are just incredible.

I am so happy I found your site because I believe this to be the
ultimate tool and none of the books or sites I have or have visited
even come close.

So again, thank you!


Donna Powierza – January 23, 2003 by Email
Salisbury, MA

Thanks for the informative help.

I actually did this very day receive two replys 

Have a great day!

V. Larosa  – Email dated April 30, 2002

Dear Ron,
I have just received your E-mail and followed up on your other advice regarding Import trade and I want to thank you so much. I have spent hours on the computer wading through information that sent me spinning in circles. Thanks for the guidance and wish me luck. You are an asset to any company. 
Thanks again.
Ravit Michener – March 8, 2002 – in reply to some Free advice we gave him about Importing
Michener Enterprises Inc.

Wow! Great service guys!  After a mix-up with my credit card #, I gave you the new # Saturday, And here it is Monday And the Electro-Shield is here! Can’t wait to install it, but it’s only 9 degrees F outside, too cold. Thanks again, wish more companies were as prompt. 

Dale Muster – Massillon, OH USA – March 4, 2002 – in response to how quickly he received an Electro-shield order from us

Hello Ron,

Just wanted to let you know your materials have been helpful and I’m ready to get started.  My business partner just relocated to Ecuador and will be there for at least six months.  We plan on myself finding closeouts here in the US and exporting there, and also he will be a rep for a new furniture (high end) manufacturer down there looking to find importers here in the US. Ecuador is his home country so he has many contacts there.

Thank You Ron for your help.

Best Regards,
Dave Sigwart – Arlington Hgts, IL USA – March 4, 2002

 Dear Ron,

Thanks for the information on Leather wholesalers in the US. That’s exactly the kind of information I needed.

Best Regards,

Fabricio Mazaia – February 26, 2002 – reply from South American student studying in the U.S. regarding trade leads to start a new business

 Hi Ron,

Remember me!!! A couple of weeks a go you gave me the name of a web site as part of helping me out in my job search. I am just sending you this BIG  Thank-you as I have made amazing contacts through this site. One seems very

I Thank-you again for being soo.. kind in taking time out to help me out.

All the Best!!

Loretta Michelin-Bonato – February 21, 2002 – a lady from Canada who asked if we could help her find good contacts for job hunting after she learned her job was being cut

 Thank you so very much for your response to my mail. It is appreciated that you responded unlike the rest. 

Tamaria Brow – January 6, 2002 – just a note to show how we respond to customer service questions


I am responding to your recent request for feedback on your Newsletter. You provide a highly informative Newsletter to all those interested in International Trade, and other areas of information as well. Keep up the good work.


Robert Ramey – December 24, 2001 – feedback about our Global B2B Newsletter

Hello Ron

Thanks for the book. I received it last week and I e- mailed you as well….but don’t know if you got that mail or not that day as my computer got hanged that day.  I hope that this books helps me a lot in exporting my tires all over the world.

Thanks And regards,

Randeep Singh

Dear Ron Coble,
How are you today?

Thanks for your below information I got it thru your designated internet website.
All the data in it, I feel it looks like real good data that I’m looking for.

Thanks a lot and bye.
Best Regards 
C.H.Han – SITRON Company – South Korea – October 29, 2001


Received the Master Packet yesterday. Thank you!! After a brief review, I
believe that it has the forms included.

Look forward to studying the material and getting started. Hope we can stay in


Robert Ball – Knoxville, TN USA – October 13, 2001

Aloha Ron,
Thank you very much for our speedy attention to my order . We are installing these in our trucks and cars to prevent the damage from this hot UV-filled Hawaiian sunshine. We’ll probably need more and I will be sure to order them from you. 
Your service is excellent!

Once again, I appreciate your concern by calling to double check on my credit card order. It was nice talking to you! 

Mahalo and best regards 

Sylvia Uyemura – Neon Electric Service, Ltd. – Hawaii, USA – August 30, 2001

Dear Mr. Coble,
Thank you for your kind notice.

I received the CD-ROM and I appreciate your help.
It will much helpful for me to find potential business partner.
Thanks and regards,

Weekly Kim – Cheil Jedang Corporation – South Korea – August 19, 2001

Thank you very much for your help.

Steve Brayton – – (Steve was interested in importing a product to use the proceeds to begin teaching English to Russian children – we sent him to a website that provides the best source of information for his request) – August 9, 2001

Dear Mr Coble
Many thanks for letting me know.
Thank you for your professional customer service – very impressive

Philippa Weare – – United Kingdom – June 4, 2001

Dear Ron,
We thank you very much for the information you sent us.
You and your department are efficient and courteous.
Best regards,

Terry Bradford – Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia – May 26, 2001

Dear Mr. Coble,
I have received Importers Directories for Asia / Pacific and North America on today May 7.  These directories are full of information which can be used as a very effective tool for Export-Marketing business. Thanks again!
With regards,

Manoj Jain – International Marketing Consultant
Global Import Export Concepts – Australia – May 7, 2001

Dear Ron Coble,
I am highly appreciated of your kindest customer service and your quick reply. I search your website through search engine named “Google”. Wish your business success!
Best regards,

DOOREEN CHAN, Hong Kong, PRC – Nov. 15, 2000

Mr. Coble: 
Thank you for the offer to receive (1) full year FREE subscription to the Internet’s largest site devoted entirely to postings of worldwide BUYERS. We received the CD today. Thank you very much for your help.

Jeff Tremelling, US Chamber of Commerce – Washington, DC – Oct. 18, 2000

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your gesture. We really appreciate it. I hope this is just the
beginning of a long and fruitful relationship. Looking forward to interacting with you again. With warm regards,

Shekhar Singal, New Delhi, INDIA – Oct. 16, 2000

I am on my way. I am currently doing a target market
research study for practice on gathering research
information. Just wanted to say thanks for all
videotape and the other information. Take Care.

Christopher Holman, Westbury, NY – Oct. 9, 2000

looks like just what I was after.

Ian hodgson, Australia – Oct. 7, 2000

Thanks! Ronald. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!

Umar Hayat, Faisalabad, Pakistan – Sept. 12, 2000

Dear Ronald
Many thanks for the info. It proved very beneficial for my assignment.
Kind regards

Errol Davis, AUSTRALIA – Aug. 23, 2000

Dear Ronald,
We have just received your CD and we want to congratulate you for the quick delivery and the directory content.
Best regards

Bruna Vitelli, Nocera Superiore, ITALY – Aug. 10, 2000

Hi Ron, 
Thanks for being so efficient. Yes I was able to open the link and the information looks good. If I have any other questions, I will email you.
I’m looking forward to doing business with Coble Intl. 

Aimbrell Shanks, Santa Clara, CA – June 20, 2000

I just received the information that I had requested. Thank-you. I have yet to go through all of it but what I have has appeared to be helpful, especially the letter packet and trade directory. I’ll be in touch for further info and appreciate you sending me the files for the letter packet. I’ll be expecting them. Best of luck,

BRITT LOEWEN, Prince Albert, CANADA – May 29, 2000

Thank you, Ron. 
I appreciate your quick responses and professional manner. (It really stands out from the pack). I look forward to receiving the materials.
Have a Happy New Year!

Roxanna Wehrly, (City/State withheld at request of customer) – Dec. 30, 2000

Dear Mr. Coble,
I would like to say thank you for the excellent resources you have. You are the only person I know that has really helped me. You don’t know how much I appreciate you. Thanks again.

ROCKY HARRIS, Wichita, KS – Jan. 26, 1998

Dear Ronald Coble,
This letter is in regards to educational material and services provided by you for import and export business. First and foremost, I would like to Thank You for your patience, time and generous attitude in answering my numerous questions on exporting and importing business.

The material provided by you on exporting and importing business has greatly helped me in developing my international business. I would advise anyone who is serious about this business to take full advantage of this material. It is the most practical that I could find anywhere.

I sincerely thank you for all your help. You may use my letter as testimonial if you like.

MIKE KHOJA, Atlanta, GA – Jan. 25, 1999

Dear Mr. Coble,
I have ordered from your company a few times now and each time I have been satisfied with the product and prompt service.

STANLEY MILLER, Newark, NJ – Nov. 20, 1995

Dear Mr. Coble,
I have received the package of tapes and literature from you, for which I am thankful. I have read the different programs and listened to the tapes. What I am most proud of and think is well worth the cost is the Export Management Guidebook that explains a lot about exporting I did not know.

ANDREW MAUPIN, Ft. Worth, TX – July 26, 1993

Dear Mr. Ronald L. Coble,
Firstly, allow me to thank you for the original package of information you sent as promised. It appears that the delay fell at the Post Office level, and as stated earlier I hadn’t received the said package prior to our phone conversation.

I’m also grateful for the effort you took to remedy my complaint. Thus showing your wish of keeping a sound business decorum.

Hopefully the future holds out further future business involvement. Please make sure you keep up the good work, and hey let me apologize for any inconvenience that may of been caused on my behalf.

CHARLES PORTER – IM*X Co., Elizabeth, NJ – July 20, 1993

Dear Coble International:
Recently I have ordered several of your publications for importing and exporting. I have found them to be useful primarily because I have taken other courses and the information you provide is vital.

Overall I have been very pleased and look forward to ordering more publications from you.

SIMONE M. BAXENDALE, LaFayette, NY – Oct. 18, 1990

Dear Ron:
Thanks to the “sample” letters I ordered from you, I am using them in a revised manner in all my domestic and international correspondence. Locally, there’s a wealth of small industries that, no doubt, have not been approached for exporting. In time, I hope to conduct a market research of the area manufacturers and offer my services.

CHARLES S. BERECEK, Ambridge, PA – May 3, 1989

Dear Sir:
Thank you for your letter dated April 25, 89, I have received the newsletter. Also, thank you again for your advice regarding how to go in this business. Really very valuable information.

NIBARAN MOHANTY, Pawtucket, RI – May 1, 1989