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A reflection of the market-friendly reforms in Mexico that opened the economy to trade and investment. For more information visit mexicotoday.org
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Franc Contreras reports from Mexico City where an increase in crime rates has boosted the demand for security equipment. Subscribe to BizAsiaAmerica: http://goo.gl/FMKaBj Follow CCTV America: Twitter: http://bit.ly/15oqHSy Facebook: http://on.fb.me/172VKne »» Watch CCTV America 8:00pm [More]
CCTV America correspondent Ross Velton in Mexico City talks to the residents to discover why they drink bottled water instead of tap water. Velton also interviews Ramon Aquirre, Mexico City Water Authority to understand more.
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Kia Motors is looking to expand its presence in the North American market by building a huge plant in South America. The company says… it will be a great access point… which will help Kia [More]
The Mexican automotive industry is on the rise, since its receiving great investment flows from Japanese car companies, to develop the industry in both nations. Visit: http://goo.gl/p8XKo0
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