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An interview with Marco Antonio Velásquez of Red Mexicana de Acción Frente al Libre Comercio (RMALC) about the effects of NAFTA on the Mexican economy. The interview was conducted by Christiaan Perez of CyTUnidos.
Nov. 5 (Bloomberg) — Former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Antonio Garza says the Mexican economy has been hit by a “perfect storm” as the U.S. recession eroded demand for the country’s exports and swine flu [More]
Jan. 27 (Bloomberg) — Mexican President Felipe Calderon talks about the impact of a stronger peso on the competitiveness of the country’s economy. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Caroline Connan on the sidelines of the World [More]
I called Jeff to bring up the point that one of the reasons that the United States has been allowing this Mexican invasion of illegals is to help fund their economy as well. Since they [More]
With 1994 being the final year of his administration’s sexenio (the country’s six-year executive term limit), then-President Carlos Salinas de Gortari endorsed Luis Donaldo Colosio as the Institutional Revolutionary Party’s (PRI) presidential candidate for the [More]
Join us for a timely discussion of the Mexican economy featuring Mexican government officials, Mexican members of Congress and telecom industry leaders.
In this video, I share my thoughts on the Mexican economy, current rise in oil price due to problems in the Middle East. The bottom line: Prices are unlikely to rise a lot. Mexican economy [More]
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Speaker: Ernesto Cordero Chair: Howard Davies This event was recorded on 21 March 2011 in Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building Ernesto Cordero is the Mexican Minister of Finance. This event marks the inauguration of [More]
Student project film of learning about Mexico’s economy, though pierce is 25% mexican he still manage too screw up the translation Trabajar mas = work more