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Spanish/Nat Two years after the contractors for Guess? jeans were accused of labour abuses at Los Angeles, the company Top Jeans has moved its factory to the Mexican city of Tehuacan. But the allegations of [More]
US Mexican Border-Blooming Businesses
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Five experienced exporters share tips on being ready to export, including why to consider exporting, steps to enter a market, website tips, developing a Unique Selling Proposition, getting educated, how to develop a plan and [More]
Discover how to start your own import export business and import from any country easily. I show you how to import from China and or any country for that matter the HOT products that customers [More]
Phillip Poland, Customs and Regulatory Trade Affairs expert at DHL, shares his advice to small and medium business who are looking to trade with U.S. neighbors – Canada and Mexico. Trade agreements make it easy [More]
Part of the Trade broker’s Diary’s This First Video of the New Second Season, Muhammad Bey talks about the best ways to be a Trade broker in the International Market. Weather you buy or sell [More]
PwC Mexico Video of Fred J. Barrett summarizing Mexico Proposed Tax Reform – proposed and published by Mexican President on September 8, 2013
Texas Governor Rick Perry was endorsed by Mexican President Vincente Fox for giving Mexican migrants access to Texas universities! The insanity must stop and Rick Perry must stop breaking his promises. Close the border and [More]
March 4, 2009 A presentation by Adrián Lajous, Former Pemex CEO. Adrián Lajous is Chairman of the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, President of Petrométrica, SC and non-Executive Director of Schlumberger, Ternium, Trinity Industries and [More]
Training A Mexican Maid Gett the full training DVD that explains in Spanish how to clean a home hygienically using safe, non-toxic cleaning solutions that can be made from common ingredients.
Subscribe: Mr. Jose Luis Bernal Rodriguez, Ambassador of Mexico to Korea Mexico, the center of the magnificent Aztec civilization that flourished in ancient Central America! Although Mexico and Korea are geographically far apart, the two [More] Recently I traveled to Mexico to see first hand what Assisted Living can look like. I found out that there are over 1 million Americans living in Mexico today. Many made the move right [More]
Subscribe for more Luxury / Billionaire/ Rich/ Famous Videos Carlos Slim Helú is a Mexican business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. From 2010 to 2013, Slim was ranked as the richest person in the world, [More]
Alma Rosa Moreno, Senior Advisor to the CEO, PEMEX Moderator: Jeremy Martin, Energy Program Director, Institute of the Americas Pemex’s adoption of important measures based upon the nation’s energy reform signed into law in 2008 [More]