Alma Rosa Moreno, Senior Advisor to the CEO, PEMEX Moderator: Jeremy Martin, Energy Program Director, Institute of the Americas Pemex’s adoption of important measures based upon the nation’s energy reform signed into law in 2008 [More]
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As a non-profit organization, the purpose of the Mexican American Business Chamber is to foster success through Economic Development initiatives that: Facilitate the Creation and Development of Business Ventures, Foster relationships between Hispanic and Non-Hispanic [More] Learn Spanish with! You’ve just landed your dream job in a company where everyone speaks Spanish. To impress your boss and colleagues, you’ll need to master business Spanish and fit work hard to [More] Mexico might be witnessing steady economic growth but in recent months it’s been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. The country is battling a serious security and violence problem. But that doesn’t seem [More]
Kane & Lynch 2 Mexican Showoff Achievement Guide
More about Latin America: Thirsty for Latin flavor? Try sampling any of these 7 soda pops from Latin America, including Guarana from Brazil, Jarritos from Mexico and Inca Cola from Peru. A panel of [More]