Nationally syndicated radio show personality Al Korelin from the Korelin Economics Report hosts Industry Watch. In this episode Al discusses silver production and prices, as well as Mexico and mining operations with Gary Cope, President [More]
A recent article by the Financial Times highlights Mexico’s record-breaking number of international tourists in December 2011. The Mexican Tourism Industry has never been stronger in terms of attracting foreign visitors to Mexico.
Last week the Mexican government passed legislation that opened the country’s oil and gas industry to foreign investment. Experts believe that this could allow Mexico to one day grow into one of the world’s largest [More]
Mexico City has put an important collection of historical photos and documents on display that narrate the story of the country’s oil industry prior to its nationalization in 1938. The exhibit is polemical due to [More]
Eduardo Chaillo of the Mexico Tourism Board discusses awards won in the meetings industry, and various events promoted in Mexico. A lot of companies are investing in Mexico, and bringing their events to the country. [More]
Learn more about the HP T360 Color Inkjet Web Press here: Group Espinosa is at the vanguard of the Mexican publishing industry, introducing high-speed inkjet production technology to deliver more flexibility, higher speed and [More] Eduardo Chaillo, Executive Director for the Meetings Industry at the Mexico Tourism Board spoke with MexicoToday about conferences in Mexico as well as why the meetings and conventions industry is booming in the country. [More]