Trade Policy is turned upside down today as it was at the Founding of the American Republic. In his second inagural address, President Thomas Jefferson stated that no American, be he farmer, labor, or mechanic [More]
Experts advice on helping you understanding Mexico’s Export-Import Market
At the Republican debate in Houston, Donald Trump defended his proposal for a new wall on the USA-Mexico border and stated he would be willing to start a trade war. Video Transcript: Former Mexican President [More]
Toyota is moving Corolla production from Ontario to Mexico.
Business mogul and USA Presidential candidate discusses relations with Mexico on Hannity
This video of an executive at Carrier Air Conditioner (owned by United Technologies) in Indianapolis informing 1,400 employees that their jobs will be moved to Mexico. “Although the decision to inform a workforce of 1,400 [More]
The U.S. Department of Commerce on Friday told Congress it plans to approve contracts to export crude oil to Mexico, lifting a four-decade, unofficial ban on selling oil south of the border. Officials familiar with [More]
USA production groups said a decision to swap crude oil with Mexico is a much needed step toward a full easing of the ban on domestic oil exports.The U.S. Commerce Department last week granted a [More]
It was a deal that created the largest free trade region in the world, but 20 years on there is still debate over the benefits of the North America Free Trade Agreement. It is an [More]
Entrevista realizada a Roxana Quirarte, China Trading & Network, en el marco de la 15º edición de la feria FHC China 2011, del 16 al 18 de Noviembre en Shanghai
Instructions: 1. Go to playlists (there are several) 2. Don’t Waste Your Time — View videos of words you DO NOT ALREADY KNOW 3. Continue to view words until you know them by heart [More]
MexicoToday interviews Jorge Lopez, ProMexico’s Regional Director for North America, who speaks about the factors that make Mexico an important international trading partner to watch. Jorge speaks about Mexico’s strong economy and the growing importance [More]
Okay,I made this video when I was like 12, now I’m almost 16 y/o and when I looked back at this video I found a lot of grammatical errors like “most biggest” etc. Please understand [More]
Texas State Representative explains the importance of trade with Mexico. Mexico is America’s largest trading partner and they hold great cultural ties. For more information visit
Belmont Trading Company explica el proceso de reciclaje de computadoras, teléfonos celulares y otros aparatos electrónicos. Belmont Trading Company tiene oficinas latinoamericanas en México, Colombia y Brasil. Establecida en 1998 en Guadalajara Jalisco la segunda [More]
China has expanded its trade and investment ties with Latin America in recent years. And now China is Mexico’s second-largest trading partner, while Mexico is China’s second-largest trading partner in Latin America.