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Interview with 2 experts on Mexico nearshoring and talent issues
Qualfon Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Bob Dechant, explains the rapid growth, trends, and upcoming opportunities in outsourced call center services in Latin America, the Caribbean, and other near-shore markets. He also describes how Qualfon [More]
US industry magazine IMPO asks about the book “Industrial Shift: The Structure of the New World Economy” – Is the US still a viable manufacturer? – Is re-shoring or near-shoring to Mexico here to stay? [More]
Carefully cultivated over the last decade, the Mexico nearshoring brand is moving to a new stage of maturity, says MexicoIT’s Alfredo Pacheco
Kansas City Southern executive vice president sales and marketing Pat Ottensmeyer answers this question and explains why Mexico is a great place to do business.
I interviewed Imre Szenttornyay who discussed nearshoring in Mexico and the opportunities in the IT talent market. Imre invested in a company in Mexico to open up their US operations. The company is called ScreenIT, [More]
I interviewed Frank Lange who is currently the Vice President of Global Development for Menlo Worldwide Logistics, a subsidiary of Conway Corporation. He has roughly 25 years of experience in international logistics, supply chain management [More]