Tijuana: City of Work & Maquiladoras (Part 1)

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Tijuana: City of Work & Maquiladoras Part 1 of 2

CAT 124: Social Challenge Assignment 2 Using Video Only. San Diego Maquiladora Solidarity Network. By: Julien Barbe & Jack Korpob.

Tijuana: City of Work & Maquiladoras hopes to capture the story of workers in Colonio Chilpancingo and the environmental and social justice they fight for.

Includes “Tengo Muchas Alas” by Mana. For educational purposes only, no copyright infringement intended.


Noah Zimberoff says:

helped with my HW, thanks for the vid

irene040590 says:

esta suave el video, y mire caras conosidas, comensando con el profe
davalos 😀 saludos


¿Alguién podría subtitularla al español?

Jack Korpob says:

@MarioBros3099 Yes it was.

sweetgurl660 says:

thank you for this video 🙂 it helped me when doing my homework

chelicheetah2690 says:

Thank you for doing this video i really appreciate it 🙂

MarioBros3099 says:

nice vid? just curious: was this some sort of school project?

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