Calpulli Mexican Dance Company

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Calpulli Mexican Dance Company (aka Calpulli Danza Mexicana) is a touring company based in New York City dedicated to the celebration and exploration of Mexican and Mexican-American culture via dance and live music. Since 2004, Calpulli tours domestically and produces seasons with many venues including Carnegie Hall, Queens Theatre, Cal Tech University, Dollywood Festival of Nations, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The company made its international debut in 2013 by performing for one week in the Kingdom of Bahrain in the middle east.

Calpulli’s repertoire has its roots in folk dance and this continues to be a core focus. Through the years, the company has commissioned contemporary works that- like folk dances- capture the essence of the Mexican spirit and the stories we share. Contemporary works will also continue to be part of Calpulli’s long term vision.

Live music is a key component to Calpulli’s performances. The thrilling visual feats of dancers as designed by several choreographers are synergized with the textures and audio bliss created by Calpulli’s core of musicians.

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