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DAVID MARTINEZ & MARIELA VELASCO, Curators of the MEXICAN FILM STRAND talk to SoulStar about this year’s Inspirational & Educational Movies at the RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL, particularly ‘CESAR CHAVEZ’. The MEXICAN FILM STRAND presented 8 Features & 8 Shorts this year at RAINDANCE, showing the diversity of Films made in Mexico including Shorts, Docs & SciFi, often as International Co-Productions such as CESAR CHAVEZ which won the SXSW Film Festival Audience Award. CESAR CHAVEZ, a Mexico/USA Co-Production directed by DIEGO LUNA & starring MICHAEL PENA, AMERICA FERRERA & JOHN MALKOVICH is a gripping, intense & inspiring Film which depicts the life of this much loved & important Civil Rights Activist while also educating viewers about how to bring about Social Change through peaceful means by mass boycotting of Products made by Corporations who mistreat their workers. CHAVEZ is portrayed as a determined, brave & intelligent Activist who insisted on ‘getting his hands dirty’ & never asking others to take risks or make sacrifices he wasn’t prepared to make himself but also as a flawed human being. Make sure you see this Film when it comes to your neck of the woods as you’ll leave with an uplifting empowered feeling of ‘YES WE CAN’. In an exciting new development in 2015, DAVID & MARIELA will showcase the RAINDANCE FESTIVAL in Mexico, with a Retrospective of British Independent Cinema & a MasterClass by Elliot Grove as part of a huge celebration of Mexican/UK friendship. Well done DAVID, MARIELA & RAINDANCE for making the world a better place by continuing to present Films which not only Entertain but also Educate, Inspire & Empower. (Original SoulStar Review).



This 2 guys are doing a wonderful work for the Mexican film industry. Love
their energy

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