Huge Fire On PEMEX Oil Gulf of Mexico Platform

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A fire broke out on an oil platform belonging to Mexico’s state Pemex petroleum giant in the Gulf of Mexico, leading to the evacuation of about 300 workers. According to the company at least one person has died and 16 have been injured.

Pemex said on Twitter that the fire on the Abkatun Permanente platform in the oil-rich Campeche Bay broke out overnight and eight firefighting boats were tackling the blaze.


Robert Barnhart says:

Great ,Thats all we need,Another oil leak in the gulf!!!

Justin D says:

How does this kind of shit keep happening, every major oil company need to start serving criminal charges for mass pollution, I seriously feel that it should be considered the worst crime of all next to mass murder, if you really think about it they're not just harming one persons life or several peoples lives there harming future generations to come and robbing them of the world they live in. Prosecute these assholes to the fullest degree and strip them of their monopoly and give it to another responsible lad to oversee if you can't handle the job

Lisa Johnson says:

The Gulf will too soon become a large lake of TOXIC soup 

friendofcoal says:

Is this the hand of Polonium putin & his evil Russian thugs, finally attacking the oil fields of the west?

2004OrionVIICNG says:

Damn, almost 5 years after the original BP oil spill too.

Thinga Majigers says:

Good riddance. God Damn this Oil.

JPMorganMustDie says:

Got that ol' DeJa vu feelin' again probably because I've seen it before.
Just hope they have enough Gold Balls, Socks, Beanies on hand…..

MelodizeYourLife says:

Thanks DAHBOO for sharing this!  Fuki  has  taken  all  the  attention  away  from THE Gulf  yet  horizontal  gene  transfer IS a FULL on NIGHTMERE in THE Gulf AREA(SORRY for WEIRD typ/ing MY comp/uter IS fucked AND typ/es LIKE this NOW without ME doing ANYTHING, I BLAME canada, LOL). cynthia spirellia STILL wrecks HAVOC and NEW sp/ecies ARE found EVERYDAY now TOTALLY alien TO anything ON this P/LANET. God BLESS

Grand Negus says:

……………..bush is a Pemex owner/partner….iss why jeb married a Mexican woman

Debbie Duke says:

I think a lot went down yesterday..inside job!

MrGeewiznyc says:


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