Mexican company turns plastic waste into low-cost housing

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Oct. 11 – A pioneering company in the western Mexican state of Jalisco is building houses made of recycled waste plastic collected by trucks on their weekly rounds. The company, called Kuadro Ecological Solutions, says it is making the most of waste that would otherwise end up in landfills, while providing inexpensive housing at the same time. Elly Park reports.


Daniel Ferra says:

zygos11, haveing PBA in your system causes female desires, which you so
clearly state, ever wonder what your blood levels are ?

MagicStarER says:

This is VERY cool – why can’t we do this in the USA?

Daniel Ferra says:

Can you pick out the plastic that does not out-gas in the video ?

MrDICKHEAD28 says:

in Venezuela Chavez been doing this for new housing projects for while now

DisposableWarrior says:

this is a great service. but more puzzling problem is that why wasteful
overpackaging in the first place.

nigedo says:

House at 2:04

theend1245 says:

koodos to mexico !! *clap clap clap*

nepali hercules says:

Pman23 there are houses which are made solely out of wood. Plus these
plastic walls are coated with fireproof material.

zyos11 says:

Yeah now keep sucking my PBA dick



Webslicer says:

Ummm don’t eat your house? derpa derp derp. And as for the leaching, not
all plastic out-gases.

Pea G says:

It’s good to see recycling being used on a higher level then before, but
what worries me about the houses is its durability to heat, and its
potential danger to the environment if a house made solely out of plastic
happens to get caught in a fire. Also, what happens when these houses need
to be removed? It’s simply prolonging the inevitable fate of where all
plastic goes in the end. On the positive side, it’s safer then wood when it
comes to bugs, and damage brought on from moisture changes.

Daniel Ferra says:

Using plastic as a home structure is not a good idea, BPA-Bisphenol A,
used to make polycarbonate polymers and epoxy resin, along with other
materials used to make plastic is toxic, The degree to which BPA leaches
from plastic into the atmosphere depends on the Temperature. BPA is an
artificial estrogen and has been detected in rivers, soil, and humans. BPA
causes breast cancer, prostate cancer, early puberty, birth defects,
insulin resistance, decreased testosterone, and damages DNA.

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