Mexico Could be a Boon for Energy Companies Looking to Grow

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Kinder Morgan (KMI) CEO Richard Kinder says that judging from the decline in oil and gas prices, M&A valuations should be much lower. Kinder said, ‘I don’t think the multiples have contracted on assets the way you would have expected them to if you were looking at them from 30,000 feet. We’re not going to do anything foolish or stretch beyond good discipline to make any acquisitions. I do think, that as time goes on, there will be some more opportunities.’ One of those opportunities may well be in Mexico where Kinder Morgan already has one pipeline. Kinder said, ‘I think the issue in Mexico is getting the pipeline infrastructure built down there…Mexico is really going to be a big demand pull for natural gas in the United States.’ TheStreet’s Rhonda Schaffler has details from the IHS CERA conference in Houston, Texas.


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