Mexico renewables: Spanish energy giant to build two huge wind farms

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Spanish energy giant Acciona announced Thursday that it has won two contracts to construct two wind farms near the Mexican town of General Bravo in northeastern Nuevo Leon state.

The Ventika and Ventika II wind farms will each feature 84, 3MW wind turbines.

The projects will add a 252MW boost to Mexico’s wind power capacity, which last year reached 1,992 MW, according to Bloomberg.

They will also help Mexico toward meeting its target of generating 35% of it energy needs by 2025 with renewable energy.

The contract for the wind farm projects, which are valued at almost $650 million, also covers a 20-year operating period, the company said.

Construction of the farms will begin later this year with operations expected to start in mid 2016.


EkBalam707 says:

I am concerned about the birds, hawks, eagles,etc… Will it be safe for
them? I encourage the use of Solar Energy. Most of Mexico is sunny the
whole year.

Jonathan Kelsey says:

Hooray for clean energy!

Rj Jaroenp says:

I wonder how much electricity will be produced if humans can harvest the
energy from solar winds..

Earthbond434 says:

malasian flag in video byt right flag in thumbnail

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