Mexico’s Hunger for Energy | Made in Germany

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Mexico as an emerging economy is in desperate need of new power lines and a stable energy supply. One of the most important investors in this area is Siemens. Six months ago the company opened a new facility near Queretaro, north of Mexico City. It already has a workforce of 500 new staff, and that number will grow by 2015.The foundation stone for a second building has already been laid. The plant develops and constructs high-voltage components for the global market. The order books are full, and there has been no fallout here yet from the crisis in Europe or the USA’s struggling economy.


albert says:

hijos de la chingada y donde están los de la unam?? extranjeros ayudando a
nuestra gente? mis hue!
!! jaja

Hank memiggen says:

The Koreans and Japanese like things faster but the problem is the shit
quality of their products for instance, is China with a giant mass
production but poor quality,
Japanese=well design but poor quality products, Korea is the same thing.
I’m happy that the Germans are investing in Mexico !!!

Deutsch says:


Nplos Le says:

Türken frei Deutshland !!!

Mayel09able says:

Ten children??? Fucking rabbits!

displayname says:

Mexico and Germany have always had great foreign relations, and are allies.

Max Rodriguez says:

Korea has been here for ten years already, they are the main exporters of
sea food practically took over American Ocean Garden´s business and reduced
it to dust.

cronoscum says:

I didn’t see any Germans working

yin ng says:

10 children… Well they made it without any healthcare insurance.

kpdotoy says:

also they have an innate drive to excel on everything they do,not
necesarily for big profits or competition,but for pride ,being the best.

Levipf2 says:

Mexico has beautiful scenaries. We just need a uncorrupt government.

EkBalam707 says:

Solar Energy because most of the year the Sun shines in Mexico.

Max Rodriguez says:

Absolutely, I was very happy when I learned German technology and
investment will be taking part in �Mexico´s new oil project, meaning new
fuel technologies will be implemented and better gasoline will be used in
our cars, which translates to better fuel economy in cars and less

PepepanchoPerales says:

The world united stands stronger then divided lets help make it a better
world for everybody, we only get one world let us not fill pride based on
our color of skin but by the conduct of our charecter, a wise man once said

xm377Moyocoyatzin says:

Germans have the best work-ethic on the planet.

pedro rangel says:

thats bery nice of the germans 🙂 lots of thanks from mexico !

gabo8799 says:

no le dara verguenza a nuestro gobierno esto ??? que tengan que venir
alemanes a ponerle luz a sus mismos compatriotas ???

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