New Mall in Playa del Carmen – Shopping, Movies and More

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This mall, “Centro Maya,” is located at the southwest of downtown Playa del Carmen, near some of up-and-coming Mexico retirement communities for Americans and Canadians. From these communities, retirees will be able to walk to this mall to shop at large stores such as Soriana (a large supermarket like Walmart), City Club (a club store, similar to Sam’s or Costco) and OfficeMax. There are also shoe stores, clothing stores, jewelry stores and a video arcade for children (if the grandchildren visit!)

The large-screen theater shows most movies in English. There is also a food court and 2 excellent cafes — one called “Italian Coffee Company,” and the other “Hot Baking Company.” The malls relaxing atmosphere make these place idea for a relaxing afternoon.; Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely


jase369 says:

Why do you call it americanized? Isnt it more just becoming technologically
advanced and wanting modern, clean, reliable shopping?

chicoglam says:

Soriana??/ thats lame, I thought it was a nice mall, not a market…

Jessie Kittenstine says:


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