The Car Making World: VW MEXICO | Made in Germany

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Volkswagen Mexico is the biggest employer in the Mexican town of Puebla, 100 km south of Mexico City. VW opened its plant there in 1964, and has since invested billions in its expansion. With many German component suppliers also setting up shop nearby, Puebla has become a car town with a large German presence. Since 1997 parts maker Brose has been producing car doors, handles and more in the town.A report by Alexa Meyer and Patrick Benning


Rytis Kurcinskas says:

it s not a german car if it is not made on a german soil with german hands

Pamela Sosnowski says:

Yeah, don’t buy a car made in Mexico. Buy a Japanese or GM brand and worry
about an airbag spontaneously exploding in your face! 

Emerson Martinez says:

Made in Mexico! Or Puebla is a german city???

Mick Taylor says:

The 2015 VW Passat SE 1.8T sticker says that the engine’s country of origin
is MEXICOso I asssume this plant makes it although I did not hear them
mention the engine since it is new and this video was uploaded in 2011.

Robert Cheung says:

Workers are only paid 3-5 euros a day. Jesus christ. Would you trust your
car reliability to a worker who’s paid less than the minimum wage?!

Paul ima says:

I love Germany

Draco - Conecte Rockero says:

@Dominar G, México makes sports cars and heavy duty vehicles as well, Dina
trucks, Masa trucks, Osh Mex, 100% Mexican and exported world wide,
Mastretta sports cars, Vuhl sports car, and Pardo family cars,

Dominar G says:

why hasn’t Mexico made its own brand of car by now? With 30 plus years of
seeing foreign car makers in Mexico, I would think Mexico would have
decided to build their own vehicles for Mexicans and for export around the
world. With its location advantages and Nafta benefits, the opportunity is

Leopold Martinez says:

that one mechanical engineers voice changed a lot when he went from
speaking spanish to german.

Aztekrieg Tolteken says:

BMW and Audi are also German cars

Antoine Miller says:

It’s still German and the exact German technology whether its built in
mexico or Germany. I got a 2012 Jetta 5 speed manual brand new in nov 2011
with 20 mi on it. drove it for just a little over 2 yrs and not one single
problem. The VWs built in Germany had there fair share of problems and
more. I would know I worked on them for 5 yrs, if you want to blame anyone
it’s the manufacture not where or who builds it. FYI the Volkswagen
Touaregs are built in Bratislava, Slovakia since 2002 when they where
introduce right along with the Porsche Cayenne and 4 years later the Audi
Q7. All these are built in the same factory in Slovakia but that does not
make them Sloven cars, they are still %100 German. 

ejulian17 says:

I hope that my next 2015 VW GTI is trouble free (being made in Puebla). I
had a lot of A/C & electrical issues with my 2006 lemon GTI, made in

Alejandro Sampedro says:

Orgullo mexicano, 

cmnweb says:

Mexican cars have high standars, now Mexico is in the world top ten car
production (Mexico is number 8)

fernando mendez says:
Ausgezeichnet says:

This is why I didn’t buy the Jetta… I went for the CC because it was
actually made in Germany. 

fernando mendez says:

Ohh yea ahora estan haciendo una nueva planta de !!audi””””en puebla!!alado
de lara grajales!!!estube el año pasado y tuve el honor de veer como
limpiavan el espacio para contruir la planta!! Orgullosamente poblana!!de
hecho vivo.en usa y tengo un jetta gli fahrenheit edicion y este veiculo
esta echo en mexico!!

Guero Sicario says:

Didn’t like the weather?? Are you kidding me? It’s 70 degrees (20 Celsius)
all year!

cengeb says:

My previous Jetta VR6 Jetta GLX went 316,000 fun great miles! Made here.
My current GTI is even better! Robots in any country do similar quality.
VW Puebla is German managed, it’s under control. Mexican food is GREAT!

thedigitalpeople says:

1:56 come on…. special electric cars? really or you just trying to make
golf carts fancy.

RAA12586 says:


Heatt Filtter says:

The last statement is a winner

Luis F. Ruiz says:

Here made the jettaA6 jetta clasic golf variant new beetle and next the
golf a7

ramiro ortiz says:

germany made in mexico!

marco sanchez says:

is not mass produces but they didn´t only made the prototype, they have
stock for sale

2012revolucionario says:

ademas esta planta se encuentra a qui por su hubicaciòn geografica ya que
se encuentra cerca de veracruz el puerto mas imortante de mexico y por su
cercania a la capital del pais saludos!

Juse Jamez says:

I just purchased a 04 Jetta and I thought it was made in Germany too. I’ll
make the best of it. I’ll let you guys know how it goes. I can tell you
now, something is going on with the ac. It works 80% of the time.

wolfstriked says:

Are you sure your Mexican??How could you not know that Mexico is now making
their own car?? Mastretta

Rawrvids says:

i hope it has ALL the problems of mexicant vws.

The Computer Clinic padilla says:

mija no hables

greenhavennn says:

You make a good point, however, the days are over when assembly line
workers built 70% of the vehicle by hand. It’s all done by robots now and
assembly line workers play a minimal role. VW, like other auto companies
can build a Jetta GLI in Mexico with an MSRP of US-$30k. Jose is only paid
3-5 dollars an hr, meaning VW makes a kill. The MkVII Golf will now be
built in Mexico. You can bet VW WILL NOT lower the price of the Golf/GTI,
once production moves from Germany to Mexico.

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