The Evolution Of The Burrito

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Is this the next stage in burrito evolution? The burrito and quesadilla have finally come together. Introducing the Quesarito.
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Imagine | 2014 Taco Bell® Quesarito Commercial


Taco Bell says:

The evolution of the burrito. You need to watch this. 

Yemile Andrade says:

Burros are actually really awesome, but there are some things that
americans shouldn’t do…. burritos are one of them

Crystalunick says:

OMG, I’m bilingual (my second language is spanish) and I didn’t realize
what burrito actually meant because I kept pronouncing it with the
english/american accent @_@

Jaime Waters says:

My grandma its from Cd.Juarez, so yeah ☺️

AllodsJinjer says:

Never had a burrito am i missing ? same for taco bell McDonald Starbucks 

Immajeanyus says:

This video the off that Kill Bill vibe. I seriously thought there were
about to be samurai slicing burritos trying to get revenge. 

PressFartToContinue says:


BerryFairy23 says:

You are gonna probably kill me, but I never tried a burrito.. or taco… or
even hot dog

Mario Carrillo says:

I would be so happy if people tried, a real homemade traditional burrito
from Sonora, made of carne machaca (grounded jerky) potatoes, chile verde,
tomatoe and onion. Not to mention, carne con chile burritos! Or bean
burritos, with chorizo! Till then you cannot say you have eaten a good

Mahmood Husein says:

Not the best thing to watch on Ramadon

Jaelyn Lockhart says:

Good thing im a veggie 

thisallie says:

All hail tacobell. 

Gina Cavalera Nobala Roolz says:

simply: if you wanna real mexican food come to México for your next
and eat tacos, tostadas, tamales, tortillas de maíz del pueblo ,
quesadillas, nopalitos, barbacoa…well, there are to much food; and of
course! the cultural hybrid named burrito

minecraftin6996 says:

This video sponsored by Taco Bell 

Paul Barbato says:

Buzz Feed, you know just the right stuff to put up all the time. 

Steven Battleheart says:

Burrito tastes like shit to me…

TheBangooman says:

Wow, this looks fucking disgusting, bo to each his own I guess.

crylic1 says:

Best taco bell commerial EVER.


so is anything in a wrap a burrito? or is it certain ingredients? i live in
Britain and never had one so ive no idea

Emma Wright says:

wow, somehow it makes me want to have chinese food tonight

Harry Waring says:

I wish they had taco bells in the uk

Thefallengamer636 says:

Damn commercial 

Samantha Strick says:

we just call it wraps in the uk…

Nahian Afsari says:

If you know where the animation at 1:09 is from,you’re awesome 

Chrissty chan says:

This kinda made me cry T^T

Grand Master Squid says:

Taco Bell is a cheap imitation of glorious Latin American cuisine

Alas, it is an affordable imitation. *cries*

Pablo Giraldo says:

like if you cried…..

BuzzFeedVideo says:
a1b2c3e4 says:

What’s the difference between a burrito and a tortilla (with stuff in it),
is just the meat ?

hitsyouwithabook says:

i`ve never eaten a burrito from taco bell but i`ve tried a greek burrito
i think it was called “buner”

Jesse Munoz says:

The Quesarito is an abomination and it must be destroyed.


Caitlin Dickson says:

I have never had a burrito, they look like a mess!

comments says:

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Michael Venters says:

Does anyone know who narrates this? It sounds kind of like Bolin.

Wafflecat7 Squids says:

Taco Bell breakfast= Diareahha before noon.

Cami DF says:

The translation with an english accent is funnier than Gustavo’s from
breaking bad.

Christine Lette says:

How could you not mention the ENCHIRITO…. the absolute BEST thing Taco
Bell had.. I repeat HAD on it’s menu. And I miss the 3 black olive rings
that came on them! Bring back my Enchirito!!!

kikonyc68 says:

Taco Bell serves cockroaches in their food. I never ever want to eat
anything from Taco Bell.

Jade Madison says:

Ive always hated corn tortillas.
Too grainy. >_<

Kiba Moa Chiin says:

don’t call it “the world” if it’s only in america

Chase Corr says:

Why don’t more people watch Buzzfeed’s channels?

Daniel Thomley says:

This entire video was an advertisement for Taco Bell.

Alice Ludenberg. says:

I love how english talkers pronunce words in spanish.

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