The Future of Mexico

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Mexico is quickly becoming an emerging market heavyweight. Having surpassed Spain as the 12th largest economy in the world, it is a trade powerhouse, with exports accounting for fully one third of its trillion-dollar GDP. Trade agreements with 42 different countries enable Mexico to manufacture and export the same amount of goods and services as the rest of Latin America combined. And it is estimated that approximately six million America jobs are attributable to the Mexican economy. Now, with the opening of its oil and electricity industries, along with ten other major economic reforms, American companies are perhaps even more eager to enter the Mexican market. Yet, with news about increasing drug cartel violence and social unrest concerning corruption perceptions and inequality, how is Mexico to realize its brilliant prospects, and the potential for joining with the U.S. and Canada as a North American block of democracies in international affairs?

Speakers: Ricardo Salinas, Elliot Gerson


Luis Gomez says:

I found this discussion extremely interesting and enlightening. I completely agree that the legalization of drugs should be a priority. It should continue happening in the US and remove the profit motive for the cartels. Also the economic links that are forged and are continuing to become stronger need to be recognized and if there were stronger and better infrastructure at the border, economies along the border would bloom. Already there is a billion dollars per day flowing through the border. The educational reforms are also something that I feel will help to take poor people out of poverty, but that will take time. Overall a very good discussion.

One Val says:

Ricardo has no idea of what he is talking about. He goes on to belittle a specific part of Mexico and praise the Northern part which I'm guessing because it's more Europeanized. His description of how Mexico is a fusion of two cultures is incoherent and silly. He basically just insulted every aspect of the "Indian" culture of Mexico and called them killers even though the Spanish killed millions of Indigenous people throughout Latin America. He's a typical rich snob in Mexico who cares very little for the poor and who is out of touch from the typical Mexican and his needs.

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