A Stable Mexican Economy is Also a National Security Issue

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I called Jeff to bring up the point that one of the reasons that the United States has been allowing this Mexican invasion of illegals is to help fund their economy as well. Since they are a bordering nation, it is very important for their economy to be strong for two reasons.

1. A massive rush of refugees fleeing poverty, much worse than we are already seeing.

2. Our enemies will capitalize off of Mexican weakness and they will buy their allegiance to sabotage us even more then any of you could ever imagine. The Russians and China have been attempting this for years.


Bluedothouston says:

Look u the U.S with the freed trade is f***** Mexico Up their taco bells in
mexico and BK and Jck in the Box but mexicans can bring their Comp. in to
the US in TELMEX!!!! wich is by the Riches man in the World a MEXICAN by
the Way guey. the US thx by Salinas D. Gortary and the CIA is trying to
make mexico look bad by having all this Cartels and Z look worst that what
it is when they make Gringos to not want to Visit Mx FAGGOTS

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