Cocaine Economy

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ISamuelII says:

We can follow the laws and intent of our bill of rights and put an end to
the insane organized criminal policy of prohibition. The ninth amendment
when put next to the 21st amendment, demands ending all prohibitions of any
intoxicant. Intoxicant being the legal keyword in the law. “The enumeration
in the constitution of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or
disparage others [intoxicants] retained by the people.” BOR9

chris demuth says:

@timothywgray1 Okay yes they are then do your research you find that they
are telling the truth and our own government is covering things up…How

erikthered9 says:

So you can understand how the DEA and CIA bring the dope through and its
spread throughout America…then the crime rate goes up because of all the
people jonesing for more dope…therefore the corrupt government and the
cops pass more laws, surveillance, weapons all on the war for dope which is
a fake war…America has been had and played out like sucker chumps……

erikthered9 says:


Ron Heringhauser says:

WWIII is on the radar now. The elites are pushing for more wars in Libya,
Syria and then Iran. These satanists are getting tired of waiting for their
New World Order. They planned on the year 2000. They want to get rid of us
useless eaters, so they can set up their domination over humanity from
Isreal. They believe they are the masters of the universe. They will fail,
but a lot of death and suffering is coming.

wills22nd says:

love is more addictive than heroine, more dangerous than meth or cocaine
and could get you higher than ever

Timothy Gray says:

You do realize that RT is a mouthpiece for the Russian government? You do
realize that much of what is reported on this network is nothing but
Russian state propaganda? You do realize that this network has basically
zero credibility? You do realize that the evidence being stated in this
report is fragile, at best? (Laughable, at worst.) Sorry, folks. You can’t
believe this report. You can’t believe anything that comes to you from the
media – especially state-controlled media.

konshoff says:

Listen to Catherine Austin Fitts Interview from couple of years ago – it
absolutely supports what they are talking about. Wall Street has been
laundering drug money for decades – about 500 billion a year. The so called
war on drugs is actually a joke. The way it works is young must powder
their noses often enough so their Grandma would get her pension covered up.
What a mutually beneficial relationship.

Spud4X says:

I’m lost for words.

mareze00 says:

Cocaine and other drugs destroy you. Why spend a lot of money killing
yourself? Come on guys. Stop using prohibited drugs. 🙁

erikthered9 says:

Meanwhile, the dope money funds the luciferian underground cities,
surveillance, advanced technology and everything you can imagine that is
used against the masses for NWO takeover….all the dope is satans

4dvideos says:

If it was legal it would be regulated and there wouldn’t be this mess.

badattitude77769 says:

@konshoff Search: Boodle Boys (i really love those guys, NOT!)

Water Tiger says:

Are these guys high?

gifteconomy12 says:

Google/youtube: GIFT ECONOMY and work only for FREE in the image of
wikipedia collaborators! CLAIM ALL FOR FREE TO ALL 6 BILLION PEOPLE – free
waters. free space, free space, free gold, free petrol…. because working
for FREE out passion/friendship is the freedom!

MsJustanotherhuman says:

i kept saying this..and no one would listen to me.. holy crap I was
right!.. Grandpa Buffet can kiss my country grits.. death and
mayhem…banksters is what I have been calling them…all of them Goldmean
Sucks tooo..sorry bad habit farcebook isn’t allowing us to use the name of
the real criminal..

Poindexter Q says:

If cocaine made the world go ’round, don’t you think all the rich people in
America and Europe would have it made legal so they could control it,
rather than let a bunch of thugs in Mexico have all that wealth and power?
I agree there’s money there, but it seems the amount of power is
overstated. Something is not right here.

badattitude77769 says:

@TheRealElectroPig Such a unique concept!

Jeffrey Marlow says:

@timothywgray1 what about all of the links to mainstream media that is
sourcing everything that they are saying. Do the sources have zero
credibility as well. Let me know if you need the mainstream media articles
that they are just reporting on, I will send them over!

ElectroPig Von Fokkengruuven says:

Since all of the world’s drug cartels want people using “hard drugs” to
fuel their profits, and since most people prefer cannabis and alcohol, and
since up to 60% of all “drug money” used by the cartels to bring in their
cocaine and heroin comes from the ungerground cannabis market, is it not
easy to understand why they’re so desperately fighting to keep a safe,
non-toxic plant like cannabis out of the hands of people, doctors,
pharmacists? The days of this scam are still drawing to a close…

Inguskrauklis says:

Daniel Estulin – The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, and Shadow masters
: how governments and their intelligence agencies are working with drug
dealers and terrorists for mutual benefit and profit has got some info

badboyr66 says:


RamsesReturns says:

Soros, cocaine, sure they have an influence but the Banksters would love
for these scapegoats to take the heat off of them. Not a chance here. Good
info though, but the Fed Bankers and their shenanigans are to blame.

Kevin Holland says:

No victim no crime. That’s the place to start.

Tom Jakcons says:

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roseagain2 says:

Thanks for posting this one again!

fluffymcdeath says:

@danielvlee What makes you think they can’t control it when it’s illegal.
Isn’t it better to use the tax payers’ money to get rid of the competition
than to have to spend your own? Plus you can charge the tax payer for
locking all those criminals up in the jails you own. Before 911 the Taliban
were eradicating poppy production in Afghanistan. Now US soldiers guard the
poppy fields and heroin from there hits streets all around the world. You
are right when you say “Something is not right here”.

netlethe says:

Everything Is OK !!! Well, it is for the elite & banksters, 2% of $Billions
fine for them, PRISON for the broke guy with a few grams. What a sick
society we live within And allow ! When drug money can control the system
that controls us ALL.! This is not a Joke, there is no Justice as we
thought it to be all these years.

stophypocrisy says:

Every war is phony. It supports everything we do and everyone from the top
banksters and industrial prison systems to the phony cops that are too
stupid to understand what’s going on. That they are idiot pawns in this
sick game and they can’t wait to bust some skinny kids skull open because
he’s smoking a joint. Welcome to the shitty world of corruption!


Don’t listen to these people do what you want to do…Get High,Fuck all day
live’it up Ladies and Gents…

ElectroPig Von Fokkengruuven says:

@fluffymcdeath Related tidbit…before “the war in Afghanistan”,
Afghanistan contributed up to 30% of the world’s heroin supply. TODAY,
Afghanistan produces 80% of the world’s heroin supply. It’s amazing what
the British and US military can accomplish for the criminals of the
world…can you imagine what they could do if they were working on behalf
of the people again?

SlackerSlayer says:

@dawes777 “If cocaine was declassified as a narcotic the price would
tumble” In the early 1980s it was figuered out that the price of an unknown
quality of stepped on cocaine went for on average $120.00 per gram. The
same amount of pure – quality cocaine from the pharmacuetical sources was
$0.02 per gram. This is stepped-on-garbage vs pure cocaine. What type of
profit margin do you see there? END all prohibitions and you change so much
for the better. The *fear* of more addicts is insane.

proudargie says:

Max: Did you hear about somebody called Aldous Huxley? In his huge
bibliography you may find a little essay: “The Doors of Perception”. Do
read it and please pay special attention to the last chapter: He recommends
governments to develop a drug available at low cost with which reduce the
ESSENTIAL UNHAPPINESS OF MANKIND. Learn why did he propose that solution
decades ago. Do not fight against cartels with prohibitions. Remember the
‘dry law’. Compete with them with a better, healthier product

yesbrth says:

Excellent 🙂 And what if drugs were NOT prohibited? Remember the alcohol
prohibition giving Al Capone that power? And what if people were more HAPPY
(thanks to Sensual Meditation – Hapiness Academy for example) thus removing
the need for drugs? Let us keep high dreams! 🙂

iSpeakTruth7 says:

crazy stuff man but everyone knows if u have money and drugs there are a
lot of corrupt ppl in this world

pixelcomet says:

thats huge, but makes sense

TheFictionILive says:

And that’s why locally grown herb and RC’s are the way to go. The herb can
still get you in trouble, but RC’s are completely legal to buy, possess,
and sell. Just not legal for human consumption. That and there at least two
chemicals out there that have near the same effect of X with 1/10-1/3 of
the neurotoxicity, and they are LEGAL 😀

SlackerSlayer says:

@yesbrth See a comment from 21 hours ago for now, by ISamuelII, about the
top law of our land and ending prohibitions of all intoxicants. Makes
perfect sence and any possible excuse anyone can come up with for keeping
prohibition in place, I can shoot down to where it belongs in one or two
lines mad eup of the simplest of words. The topic is not a complicated one.
Organized criminals of all stripes make things complicated. Job security
(cops lawyers) for organized crime is todays policy.

gifteconomy12 says:

Only a GIFT ECONOMY can save us all – claim FREE LAND, FREE SPACE, FREE
WATER, FREE FOOD, FREE GOLD, FREE PETROL… to all 6 billion people because
working for FREE in the image of wikipedia is motivating!

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