Economy of Mexico is One of the Strongest in the World

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MexicoToday interviews Jorge Lopez, ProMexico’s Regional Director for North America, who speaks about the factors that made Mexico one of the strongest economies in the world today. Mexico is currently the 12th strongest economy and growing at a pace of 4% annually. Jorge notes that Mexico’s ability to push forth policy on the economic and microfinancing front in the last 25 years has helped Mexico’s economy get to where it is today.


antonarap says:

Brazil grew fast. Mexico grew steadily. Which one may be a bubble? Mexican
banks don’t lend but the economy grows nevertheless. This is healthy,
equity based growth. There is no R&D but the aforementioned poor people
offer cheap labor, the base of a low tech competitive economy. The mild
growth gives time for adjustments. Infrastructure is descent, some public
services are actually spectacular. The drug lords are being slowly but
steadily defeated, only two major ones are left. So Viva Mexico.

FantomasMXss says:

Mexico is the strongest Hispanic nation. Mexico is the leader in Latin
America. God bless Mexico!

Louis Anders says:

It was about freaking time. Is looking pretty good. All we have to do now
is get rid of the violence and we’ll be fine. Drugs are a cancer for any
nation. Members of cartels are people who can only destroy, they don’t
create anything but instability. Let’s built a better Mexico!!! I love the
USA and Mexico.

Chapulinazuladomx says:

México es el Jefe .

turista90701 says:

Where can I learn more about investing in Mexico?

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