Latin America’s Economic Boom Explained 1 of 2 – BBC News and Documentary

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Latin America’s Economic Boom Explained 1 of 2 – BBC News and Documentary, recorded 18.10.2010

A look at how Countries all around Latin America continue to progress economically despite the global Financial Crisis, employing Educational and Micro-Finance Systems to aid the poorer communities to develop their small businesses and impprove their habitats, which in turn boosts the Economy of the regions.


Lysander Sponner says:

A Latin america union in the future !!

callum reilly says:

Once the Colombian civil war is over. Colombia will experience huge growth.
Second most natural resource rich country in the western hemisphere. 

Azeem Ben Ysreal says:

Self Government is the only key which means to stand on Trust Standard,each
familia must have a Trust established so they can accumulate Assets and
place it in trust to grow.This whole model is common since

Shan Rafnezden says:

Neoliberal propaganda!
Big corporations are not the friend of common people!
Say no to big business! 

ingk2 says:

I’m sorry BBC but 1 or 2 cases of corporations helping in military coups?
Haven’t the countless declassified documents by the clinton administration
as well as wikileaks taught us anything about how far from reality that
kind of rhetoric lies? Either way, even if the coverage focussed
excessively on how corporations like Dole (there’s a quite interesting
documentary called Bananas which proves the BBC otherwise), and how they
allegedly contributed to latin americas economic boom, at least they
briefly mentioned the REAL contributors, mainly the growth of domestic
industries in the respective countries and decrease in dependence in the US
(both in investment AND in multinational corporations). Maybe it would’ve
been better if the documentary focussed more on the types of popular
self-empowerment that the engaging of communities and latin american
populations in their OWN businesses brought to the economy, but,
considering the fact that it is unfortunately not the kind of capitalism
that the West advocate for developing nations (even though they advocate it
for themselves), and that this coverage did have a pre-determined concept
behind it, I understand the BBC perversion from the facts.

reasondrifts says:

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reasondrifts says:

Dear Jaezez!!!! That “Modern Migrants” section is true HorrorO_o “Dont mind
the silly suspicious unshophistocated natives and their UNECONOMIC
subsistace lifestyles – Multinationals Are NECESSARY for Good old GROwTH-
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Ulises Marco says:

We were isolated and now, globalization is making us rich… ROFLMAO! says:

Ecuador is Growing also … viva Ecuador

noize2040 says:

i mean seriously brazilians have a staedy supply of food, are clothed
extremely well have a very efficient system of transportation and live in
beautiful enviorment…yes the houses are poor in quality. In California
homes have good spacious quality and have good views but they also have a
high rate of crime and have terrible education system(high drop out rate),
Innifecient&very expensive transportation system,Police harrasment,Meth
capital,little jobs. yet is the 8th largest economy in world

Isabella S says:

“No more white people in the power” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you are
hilarious. Latin America is a racist society, you can see how most
presidents, governments, businessmen, bankers, lawyers are white or have
European ancestry, and how most people who are poor are indigenous people,
blacks or mixed race. It’s not ok, but that’s the way it is.

lbrtmtt85 says:

Why Latin America has been stagnant? Simple, weak institutions: weak
Central Banks, corruption, poor judicial system, lack of enforcement of
existing laws, lack of consistent policies and lack of faith in market and
free trade. Fortunately Chile and Brazil have been taking the right path
consistently over a long period of time and there you see the results

AlfonsoX el Sabio says:

Jeeeesus F..king Christ (the church of England Christ, yes yes quit, with a
British accent), I can’t believe the fake naiveté expressed on this video
and this from the BBC. They are English by God, they should know better. If
a large fruit Co. from an enlightened industrialized country gives a Latin
American peasant a fish, he eats for a day, or it can befriend and arm the
local strongman, take away the peasant’s land, and force him into lifelong
serfdom on said Co.’s monoculture cash crop.

AlfonsoX el Sabio says:

But noooo, now said Co. under a new name has to come in and offer the now
small land owner a better price so he can make a decent living. Worst of
all he can now educate his child, how dare he, the insolence! If that is
not enough said Co. has to teach this now small land owner how to grow
bananas who has been growing bananas for generations. Does the burden on
the white man ever end.

RuniTravel says:

WAAAAAS ??? Ich bin also ein Untermensch ? Weil mein Grossvater 1922
Deutschland verliess , und mein Ur-Grossvater anderer Seite 1768 dass selbe
aus Spanien / Portugal tat ? ICH BIN ALSO EIN UNTERMENSCH ?????????????
GOTT HELFE DIR , WEIL ICKE TU`S NICHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soll Dich Der
Teufel Selbst Holen …

Brazil Researcher says:

Chile isn’t the best in education. Matter of fact it’s still one of the
worst with education (lower, middle and higher education). In education
Brazil dominates your hispanic country, include in economy include in
investing in South America and other southern hemispheer nations. Brazil
has a long way to go, but it’s doing much better compare to Chile that’s
smaller than the GDP (and level of education) of the State of Sao Paulo.

MrvelvetviruS says:

“Faster than expected” In your face pale cocksuckers

RuniTravel says:

@TheCaptainjuicy … Well, you reap what you grow … I remember all the
killed, burnt & tortured …

noize2040 says:

i know, chile has the worst education systems because they are similar to
the US’s with hgih ass tuition rates and decent educators. Argentina has a
good education level. the rest of south america is horrible. As i said
Brazil is investing in all of south america like the US is investing in
China but whatever …. the people never see that money anywase..wether its
mexico to brazil or chile… the people are still broke yet still happy and
barely making it.

RuniTravel says:

@drazenkoj1990 > working on it, but right now you had better get advise
from your embassy for tourist locations … Runi

Seabastian Cortes says:

That’s very true the economy is growing in south America in Colombia’s case
what happens was father the war with drug cartels Colombia was left alone ,
letting to recovery , we still having security problems but not as big as
in the past , also agriculture and resources are a big part for our economy
Canada china and Germany had invest on Colombia wish had improve there
economy and ours as you could see now days , we also don’t depend much on
the touristic wish is a benefit on part

RuniTravel says:

@lbrtmtt85 > One point that was not mentioned here, & this is part of the
reports bias, is that Latin America was not invited to take part in the
Wests “Hedge-Fund Feeding Frenzy”.. while USA, UK and other Western
Countries were secretly investing in dodgy hedge funds, Latin America was
still doing banking the old fashioned way.. The good thing is that when the
banks in the rest of the world collapsed, the Latin American investments
remained free of debt & then rising commodity prices helped…

Isaac Weber says:

Where’s part 2 of this video?

Brazil Researcher says:

In Percentage Argentina is doing good, but in reality with rampant of
inflation, your country is becoming a nightmare.

MrAk527 says:

Hello, Can someone please send me some information about the wholesale
markets in Brazil, the areas they are located in along with the types of
products, please send me a private message thanks

RuniTravel says:

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Lafawn Parker says:

look at Mexico

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