Looking to 2060: A Global Vision of Long-term Growth

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The balance of economic power is expected to shift dramatically over the coming half century, with fast-growing emerging market economies accounting for an ever-increasing share of global output, according to new OECD research. For more information visit: www.oecd.org/economy/lookingto2060.htm


muhammet veysel akın says:


King Zak says:

Bull shit, China is all smoke and mirrors, none of their numbers add up.
They are to weak and don’t even have the resources or power to take anyone
over. The US has the best weapons, people’s, technology and everything. All
the resources in the world belong to the U.S., Cuz we are people from all
around the world, and if u don’t agree that the recourses are ours, than we
will just have to introduce you to democracy. China’s weaponry is so weak,
half of it is actually fake, just to make the Chinese people living off
half a penny happy, dumb fools, do you think you could ever even compare to
the US. we don’t even need soldiers, we can take have a drone drop nukes on
China and take control of all the slave labor which is already there. And
Indians simmer down, your economy has no chance, you guys provide no value
to the world, really just cheap labor which is now being seen as very
inefficient and ineffective. You guys are only on the list Cuz you guys
treat your people like cows and cows like people. But what happens when the
untouchables want salaries like those in the US, exactly India goes to the
shits where it has always been. The US is the best, we can take anyone over
just like we took over the moon, and Mars. Guess who owns the recourses in
space? First person to get it, will be given $1 to add to their countries
economy, China can make that dollar look like 1000, look it’s a big fat

Armando Adame says:

King Zag you see too many Hollywood movies

Eric Tylki says:

00:59 better way to show it is kids under 5 working in sweatshops.

marcopolo3001 says:

Greenland is an emerging economy now? So do seals and polar bears want
condos too? Or just the penguins.

ToEy Rudder says:

ฟังหู ไว้หู ดูเป็นข้อมูล :D

hugo chore says:


AmericanPatriot says:

(Fastest Growing economies and populations are in Africa and the youngest
populations are in Africa) This video did’nt mention one word of that !
intresting this video must be biased I wouldn’t pay any attention to this ,
no real figure where given .

yaga321 says:

I better start learning Chinese. China will be ever more powerful and will
rule the world. If you can’t beat them, join them. 

hsu hao mavado says:

i like how people predict the future, too bad they didn’t predict the
global economic crisis. 99% of predictions are wrong. America will
contribute less than 10% of global economy by 2060 not 17%

Bambang Rahardjo - P says:
Utinam says:

A global economy growing at 3% a year will double in about 23 years. By
2050 the world economy will have quadrupled in size. Well, we shall see. Or
maybe we shan’t. It takes the resources of 1.3 earths to maintain present
world living standards. It seems that the OECD economists have no idea of
what an exponential ecomomic growth function means on a planet with finite
resources. Or maybe they do know, but just don’t care.

Bambang Rahardjo - P says:
Donna Pace says:

Shrinking and Growing Economies in sight, are we prepared?

Toby Waller says:

Those figures are seriously questionable. Well the Information it gave, it
didn’t give any real figures. 

Arkadiusz Pierscionek says:

who made that video ? XD
Poland is less developed than Latvia Lithuania and Estonia. why do u show
it together with Germany and rest wile u show Latvia Lithuania and Estonia
in less developed? bad data.

IamMANnumber1 says:

Pure nonsense. How much are these clowns paid. Externalities!!!!

alex ca says:

Not accurate

Hugo Alberto Palma Stephens says:
Daniel Xu says:

people who were born before 1990 should not care about this,cuz most of
them will not be alive in 2060

pablillo orozco says:

¿alguien sabe como le hicieron para que los videos de los paises (EUA,
China, India, Japon) salgan en el contorno de cada nacion? (por ejemplo:
EUA 0:25 – 0:39) esque me interesa hacer una presentacion mas o menos
parecida pero con otras naciones y sobre otro tema

Super Shady Jaydie says:

Why do you always leave Australia out of breakdowns? Annoying and

Olivier Vermeulen says:

1) it’s true there are less differences between the countries, but inside
the countries the inequalities are fastly growing !! this means a little
oligarchy of rich people will (and already are) have all the politic
decisions in their own hands …
2) your dream of GDP growth is just nonsense ! due to our
energy-rarefaction we will have a global economy that will degrow, there is
nothing to do about that and it’s not at all annoying also, it only brings
some responsability. because if the OECD-countries keep having their own
growth, this will only make poor countries have a bigger degrowth, and it’s
actually already what’s happening !

conclusion : please, stop to push our GDP above the ecological limits and
share fairly what we have (even if it is decreasing) between all people on
our planet, that’s all we ask …

OuterSpaceCyborg says:

Oh, and automation and artificial intelligence? Yeah, we’re just going to
pretend like those things don’t exist in this video.

adil hasnain says:

sure there will be less of a difference between the richest and the poorest
countries but I thought the difference would the opposite way with the
richer becoming richer and the poorer becoming poorer please explain


It will not be.Make sure that

Abdulaziz Mahasen says:

Looking to 2060: A Global Vision of Long-term Growth

SilentHunter7 says:

Haha. Long-Term growth.

My friend, we’ve all long stopped caring about our long-term goals and have
sacrificed all of them for the sake of the next election cycle and
quarterly earnings report.

bimmjim says:

The info in this video is based on a lot of fanciful assumptions. We need
to redefine GDP and a lot of other economic indicators. The economists are

Dan Haiduc says:

Dear OECD, please make it clear that “improving public finances” MUST mean
reducing costs, not increasing taxes!
Because the public finances are the ones that depend on the private ones.

Nerian says:

What’s the bet that this all way off? Predications are notoriously bad.
Something is gonna happen that no one expects.


It is an honor to say THEM?,WHAT NEEDS to,Dummies

Noe Garmo says:

Una visión de la economía mundial hacia el año 2060 elaborado por la OECD.

Maddy Tungsten says:

The balance of economic power is expected to shift dramatically over the
coming half century, with fast-growing emerging market economies accounting
for an ever-increasing share of global output, according to new OECD
research. #emergingmarkets #OECD
For more information visit: http://www.oecd.org/economy/lookingto2060.htm

Gorta says:

2060 looks more equitable -

Now I Can says:

Okay seems like the Chinese school is a good place 2 be so i can move to
China if this is true. Fuck Europe im out

xtremeboy78 says:

well mexico 11 economy now……..and yes we poor people but here in the
u.s. 15 m,,people are poor

wjfox2006 says:

@sav12600 Peak oil has already been reached in a multitude of countries.
The Wikpedia page for Peak Oil has a graph clearly showing this. As for
metals/minerals, based on current extraction rates, the following reserves
will be depleted in the coming decades. All info is available at the US
Geological Survey: 2022 – Antimony 2026 – Indium 2029 – Silver 2031 – Lead
2033 – Phosphorus 2035 – Tin That’s just a few examples. Fish stocks are
also severely depleted and will likely run out by 2050.

Mr112198476 says:

putin doesnt only want that russians make more children as they do he wants
200 million russians in the future, blabla america is becoming the
countries where the people came from trust me, and as i said people like
you are counted white in america. And usa has only about twice more people
than russia, stop lieng once again. Kosovo is third world country all
people move away like u soon it will die out and be part of turkey.

Raymond says:

Europe the best!

Gaurav Singh says:

I am betting more on India.Not because of nationalism but becoz of
democracy.China cant grow on manufacturing forever & service industry cant
grow in dictatorship. India will push out corruption much earlier than
China becoz of increasingly hawkish public and civil society and growth w/o
corruption,which is 7% w/corruption,will explode. China doesnt have a civil
society so i think corruption will lead to the fall of the communist
govt.and initially a democratic china will slow down considerably.

TheJeuneTurc says:

Hej Stupid, you should read some books and articles! Turkey today makes
only 50 % of its trade with the EU and it is decreasing annually. You are
not only stupids but also ignorant faggot!!!

tomsega says:

You’ve not done the slightest bit of thought or research besides being a
lover of Germany. Most forecasts predict China will overtake the USA in the
next 5-10 years, India will overtake the UK and Germany in the next 5-10
years, also. There’s a good chance that in 30-40 years time even Mexico and
Indonesia will have largest economies than any EU nation.

Redbloodedsky says:

Impressive. What about Latin America? Any forecasts?

Lucas Santos says:


Hayden Capaldi says:

it was….

opisthobranch says:

Japan: EMPLOY your over-educated and underemployed women!!!!

Rick GC says:

México growing and growing! A huevo! Viva México cabrones

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