Mexico overtakes Japan in car exports to the US – economy

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Mexico’s car production and exports shot up in March and it said it overtook Japan as the second biggest vehicle exporter to the United States in the past three months. Canada holds the number one position.

The Mexican Auto Industry Association reported production was up 16.3 percent while exports rose 12.9 percent.

The Association said milder winter weather in the United States in March had helped boost exports.


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cazzo53 says:

Despite this Supposedly Overtake; Than How come This Country Named Mexico
still a Shit Hole 3rd World Country.. Upppss!! Just been Mentioned by
Cool-Aid.. Japan is Using this Cheap Labor Country to export it’s goods…
So; i see no solid based information on the Claimed Overtake

jcruztiger says:

Maybe if the lazy people in the USA get theirs asses to work welfers mdfks.

CockpumpVideo says:

Japan is just making the cars in Mexico…not sure what this news story
really means????

jcruztiger says:

Cazzos53 just like ur mom.. even the USA have shit holes moroon.. where are
u from ..south America?? Jaja

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