The Mexican Economy and Future Prospects

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Speaker: Ernesto Cordero
Chair: Howard Davies
This event was recorded on 21 March 2011 in Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building
Ernesto Cordero is the Mexican Minister of Finance. This event marks the inauguration of Mexico Today: Economic Prospects and Public Security, a week long conference of public events.


luis guillermo says:

arriva amigo so well done beautifull mexico

fleiva30 says:

i will retire in mexico.. i love Mexico!!!

Eltigre841 says:


eltoro16ify says:

@MrJakys1234566 Mexico is a world power, you don’t believe than you are
ignorant. go to Mexico you will see a nationalize gasoline stations, a lot
of black gold. Their are alot of billionaires that live in Mexico. Mexico
is Business friendly and if you ever had a business class you will learn
that you cannot succeed if you don’t know Spanish.

jarmingl says:

@Eltigre841 Mexico is called to be the 6th economy, especially if drugs are
legalized in USA, where all the drug cartels money come from….makes sense
right? USA lost a great opportunity 20 years ago when a great integrated
economy with all countries from Colombia to Canada could have sinergies
instead of separate loose works on development.

MrJakys1234566 says:

@eltoro16ify how i’m i ignorant?

maer06 says:

@Eltigre841 they are given to the US for weapons to fight against the
Mexican government

Eltigre841 says:

Long live Mexico 🙂

Eltigre841 says:

Damn when is Mexico going to be an rising nation or a super power damn
government. Wat about all THE Narco Money huh billions were they at damn.

EkBalam707 says:

Proud to be mexicano!

MrJakys1234566 says:

@Eltigre841 wtf are you talking about mexico is starting to become a world
power just wait and watch cnn

barakquiel gosh says:

all that drug cartels money is not spread to all people in Mexico so it
doesnt help at all remeber theres few billionares an rich and the rest
still trying to survive.

Racing Channel says:

nice speech!

Farfán Michoacán says:

I would prefer to hear Ernesto Cordero as an economist rather than a

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