Why the U.S. economy is trailing Mexico’s

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By avoiding a fiscal crisis and a government debt explosion, Mexico’s economy is booming.


O Catalan says:

The Mexican government doesn’t spend trillions trying to save its empire,
first one. They don’t give away billions in military aid to
Israel,Egypt,etc,etc,etc. While the US spent the last decade on military
expeditions, Mexico signed trade agreements with 40+ countries. Our
political leadership keeps pushing countries away. Our infrastructure is
decaying, our schools area joke,our health systems is in ruins, the right
wing keeps pushing for wars, the left keeps populist policies. We got so
used to be the only superpower that we lost touch, we felt invincible and
unreachable. “OH THERE GOES GRAVITY”, would say a famous rapper.

EkBalam707 says:

Our nation of México is the best country in the hemisphere!

Proud to be Mexicano. !

Ger Vas says:

Grupo salinas is bullshit and a bunch of thieves. salinas is a big corrupt
bunch of rat bastards. penanieto and his regime are destroying the country.
The people need to get arms and trow out the pri regime. They need to hand
penanieto and all of the pri regime!

Joe Guerra says:

Oil in Mexico is own by the people, not the government…whe don’t need
transnational Corp to dig up our own oil.. Pemex makes enough money to
invest in exploration, but pemex is run by a bunch of rich sell outs …

James Dean says:

CNN MONEY – MEXICO Economy Booming … Click Here VIDEO Why the U.S.
economy is trailing Mexico’s

herr direktor says:

the fact mexicans are small is also a asian thing, has to do with having
liverd in deep florests make people become smaller, even animals like pigmy
elephants become smaller living in tropical florests, anyway, i think
mexicans ancestors came from the jungles of oustheast asia and then went
north occupied korea peninsula went further north and passed from russia to

Waldo Waldiany says:

con que los funcionarios se dejen de robar todo con eso le va mucho mejor a

herr direktor says:

who would say ha that mexico would grow more then the usa, the usa always
belittled mexico and mexicans becaus of how they looked and how they did
things and talked etc etc and now they are moving foward, one americans are
going to learn something mexicans are not arabs, nor they are spanish, they
are asians for most part, japanese also have the same blood as mexicans,
they are mixed spanish asian, latino is a dumb word to use for mexicans,
latins are from southern europe. 

jgonz8394 says:

@PrecisePuncher1 you do know that the US is a country made from immigrants,
right? So you yourself are related to an immigrant. The only people that
can truly say they are from the Americas are the native Americans. So
yeah… you are pretty much an immigrant due to your blood ties =P

Carlos Pulido says:

Shut the fuck up PRECISEPUNCHER1 you fucken troll, you have nothing
intelligent to say. you must be doing alot of Mexican drugs you sorry ass

Uriel Suarez says:

Conservatives are keeping the US economy down. The world’s economy will
benefit from conservatives losing all positions in the US government (which
will be within the next 10 years).

xm377Moyocoyatzin says:

The best president Mexico could of had was easily Marcelo Ebrard. But he
got cast aside by all the bullshit that Lopez Obrador stirred up and now
thanks to his antics we have the fucking PRI back in power and it surprises
no-one that the Mexican economy has started to fall against everyone’s
expectations. 2013 was supposed to be Mexico’s economic turning point
according to the World Bank, IMF and other economic observers; but now that
is all fucked because the rats are back in power.

Joe Lop says:

Also Mexico needs to get rid of the racist whites in power

Daniel Gonzalez says:

Mexico has a great potential but we need to create added value. More
transformation industries. It is so stupid the fact that we export lot of
source materials and not its derivatives or high quality products.

xm377Moyocoyatzin says:

The most crucial reforms that Mexico needs are as follows according to
priority: 1. Education Reform (Quality education IS a Human Right and the
law must reflect it) 2. Labor Reform (Fair wages, no monopolies, no
privatization of crucial companies) 3. Judicial Reform (Our Justice system
is a joke and in some cases doesn’t exist) 4. Tax Reform (Mexico needs to
lose it’s vulnerable dependence on PEMEX)

westernpi says:

if mexico stops there monopoly’s they can see major growth

maribel ramirez says:

Proud to be mexican 🙂 haters gona hate 🙂

johann garcía says:

osama vin laden 🙂

Robert Chaires says:

All these racist comments are just dum and pointless !! Mexico’s economy is
a good economy for the privileged and wealthy society of mexico the rural
and low income society is what contribute to the migration to the US thanks
to the NAFTA treaty on the 90’s that left millions of mexican farmers on
the shadows and is what caused a wave of migration to the North !!!

Joe Lop says:

I’m of Mexican descent and when I wait in line while crossing the border
little kids come and try and ask for money and some try to sell me stuff.
The truthis I get tired of prideful mexicans who talk like Mexico is all
that while living in the US lol Hypocrisy anyone?

Daniel Gracia says:

And what about the most vicious duopoly of México Mr. Salinas? the duopoly
of telecommunications, you Mr. Salinas represent the 50% of that, with your
company Tv Azteca. You are such a hypocrite, talking about monopoly

marco sanchez says:

este pendejo cínico descarado hablando de monopolios…

xm377Moyocoyatzin says:

Actually (and most Curiously) a lot of those “whites” in power are the most
ardent anti-Yanqui anti-European politicians that we have. The reason is
that we are fighting against foreign interests which negatively affect our
nation, NOT against a mere skin color. A lot of the most racist assholes
I’ve seen are the types who are self-hating racists. Those Mexicans who are
so dam average (brown skinned and Paisa as fuck) yet in their little minds
they believe they are white.

john Falcon says:

Proud of their history, something you don’t have.

xm377Moyocoyatzin says:

What disgusts me the most is that a great deal of racism I see towards
Mexicans is by other Mexicans. You being a good example. Here is a video of
a little girl selling trinkets and candy and notice how she keeps her
dignity and DOES NOT ACCEPT being given a handout when one of the buyers
gives her back the candy that they bought. She puts it right back on the
table and walks away. It amazes me how even a child can have that kind of
pride while people like you are more self-loathing.

xm377Moyocoyatzin says:

This is good progress but we still have a LOT of problems in Mexico. It’s
good to see progress and stand back once in a while and see where we’re at.
But we mustn’t sit and gloat about it and be satisfied with what we’ve got.
We MUST push on and keep moving, never stopping, always onward. Or else
risk conformity and it’s nasty consequence: stagnation. Or worse,

Gabriel DelaRosa says:

Phuck You Joe Lop. Most of those kids I see are trying to sell gum called
Chiclets. You say you are of Mexican descent and you talk crap about your
own people. go to hell.

maribel ramirez says:

OMG is that suppose to hurt me cause all u do is show how ignorants and
racist u are but oh well haters gonna hate 😉

Tom Jakcons says:

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Rozze Diaz says:


Kevin Chandler says:

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Maximus Alexus says:

Pemex is one of the primary reasons for Mexico doing so well.. Pemex
belongs to the people of Mexico. Look at Saudia Arabia.. & Brazil.. all
good economies when you talk about oil. Mexico (People) will never let
Pemex become privatize.. privatizing major natural resources will never a

posher02 says:

fuck you man research which country works the most hours in the world:
thats right its mexico. Dont compare mexicans in the US to mexicans in

Ray Ceniceros says:

The Mexican economy is one of the strongest in the world. The Mexican
economy is slated to grow while the USA is almost at an economic collapse!
Joe Lop, you need to get some education. The Brits are skipping meals to
pay energy bills. Here in Las Vegas, NV the Mexicans are never seen begging
but you do see whites on freeway ramps and outside markets begging for

xm377Moyocoyatzin says:

First of all I am living in Mexico and I see kids selling trinkets on the
streets every dam day on my way to work. Children are NOT Adults. Children
usually don’t have a developed sense of pride. And even they are there
SELLING you something, they are not outright begging you for a handout.

YellowPony01 YellowPony01 says:


Mondragon villareaal says:

Y mas importante, la exterminacion de los narcos y los extorcionistas.

xm377Moyocoyatzin says:

Here is the video: watch?v=eSus5Gbvne8 Notice at the end how she gives back
the candy after the customer tries to put it in her basket after giving her
money for it. She puts that right back at their table because she SOLD it
to them, she is not there begging them for free money.

leqaf says:

Reforms are not that good? This guy is the definition of biased.

Joe Lop says:

True but most mexicans are to dumb and lazy like it that ways

xm377Moyocoyatzin says:

I received my formal education in the United States and now work in a
Medical Lab here in Mexico (Guadalajara) and conduct my own independent
investigations. Across the road from where I work there is a small army of
engineers working in the electronics industry designing and building
computers, smartphones, TV’s, and other electronics. To the South of here
we have Farmers who export their products to the United States. So tell me
again how all this organized activity is “Lazy and dumb.”

xm377Moyocoyatzin says:

If the U.S. collapses it will completely fuck up the entire world not just
Mexico. The most affected will be China, Mexico, Japan and pretty much all
of Europe, Most of Asia, Most of Latin America, and the entire Caribbean
including Cuba! And you don’ seem to know jack shit about Mexicans if you
believe we can bear the indignity of beggary. The great majority of
Mexicans will rather starve to death than beg. Why do you think so many
sell trinkets or food for money rather than beg?

Ray Ceniceros says:

We are the hardest working people in this hemisphere. Whites can’t even cut
their own grass or take care of their children. To say Mexicans are too
dumb and lazy is just plain stupid and racist!!! I served in the USAF 22
yrs. and retired from the Veterans Admin. as a Medical Practitioner. What
did you ever do????

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