Ceramic tiles manufacturing process by Ceratec – How it’s made?

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Video describing the manufacturing process of ceramic tiles realized by Ceratec, Canadian distributor of ceramic tiles, porcelain, glass mosaic, slate and natural stone. Visit our website at www.ceratec.com!


David Guo says:

very nice! Possible to send detailed information to us by

Jimm Griffin says:


Mostafa Maher says:

i was working as a chemist in the processes QC in a ceramic tiles factory
and i saw all of those processes 😀

moo709 says:

Why the fresh tiles did not stick on the conveyor belt?

Andrea Sassi says:

Great video!

PMRaiche says:

Thank-you all for your positives comments. Thanks to Onur, Murat, and
Baybars for providing me the opportunity to film this material on location
in Turkey. Regards to all.

glenn1508 says:

This was a great idea! And well put together. Way to go guys.

grantandrew59 says:

enjoyed your video.thanks for sharing

grason prakash says:

We have ideas to stand out it the tiles market,which no one has thought

Emek Tuğla Fabrikası says:


PMRaiche says:

The tiles have a little moisture in them when they were pressed at high
pressure at the beginning of the production line. The glazing is done on
the top. The bottom of the conveyor doesn’t stick to the tiles.

QualityMarbleAndTile says:

Great video even for consumers. Thank you and keep up the good work and
quality tiles.

BordiniBlues85 says:

Great! I work on a ceramic tile factory

Gary Zinck says:

Very nice, now i know more… GZ (Gary Zinck) Dartmouth

awesomeness0088 says:

awesome like ma username lol thanks for the great infos for my materials
eng’g subject i love you

madbull338 says:

Is Ceratec a Canadian company from Quebec?



mYtube6113 says:

Very nice, I am Thai ceramist.

Sonal Vartak says:

very informative!!!

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