EricTheCarGuy visits Wells Manufacturing

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It’s finally here, the first offering from the ETCG 2.0 series. With this series I hope to take ETCG to different places outside of the garage and into the street so to speak. Wells manufacturing was kind enough to allow me to visit their facility so that me and you the viewer could learn a little bit about what it takes to make some of the parts that are so vital to your vehicles operation. I had a great time on this trip and I hope you enjoy this video as I had a great time making it. I’d like to thank everyone at Wells for taking the time to be interviewed and for showing me around their facility. I’d especially like to thank Mark Hicks for getting this whole thing started and for driving me around Fond du Lac for shooting. I strongly recommend checking out Wells’ YouTube channel as they have some great videos on the operation and repair of emissions and electronic systems, here’s a link:

You might also want to check out their website

Lastly you might also want to watch the behind the scenes vlog that I did on my trip to Wells on my ETCG1 channel.

Thanks again to everyone at Wells for having ETCG in your facility, it was a great opportunity and I really enjoyed it.

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MultiChimRichalds says:

@ 18:20 what is that “green thing” if it isn’t the laser? If I’m not
mistaken infrared light can be seen through a camera, which is what we’re
seeing here, no?

Petr Miškeřík says:

Its look as very interesant factory. Nice job Eric. Thx

EricTheCarGuy says:

@MrTee448 I liked this one too. I actually did do more of these, check out
the Airtex videos.

EricTheCarGuy says:

@jr10385 Good, thanks for the comment.

manu175 says:

Hi Eric. I got a question. I have a 1989 Honda Civic Wagovan. The fuel
Gauge is stuck on Full. Its not working. I believe the problem is in the
fuel tank sending unit. So I called the local auto parts store. They said
that this vehicle doesn’t have a fuel tank sending unit. I don’t think
thats true because I lifted the rear seat and I see the cover to a fuel
tank sending unit device or at least something similar. Can you please shed
some light on this how should I go about fixing this issue. Thx

needmorediesel says:

didnt know you were from wisconsin eric, im from wisconsin as well.

EricTheCarGuy says:

@cruz88si Glad you liked it, thanks for the comment.

Soulfly1134 says:

Very very good information. I am studying engineering and I always wanted
to know some information of what they make and how it works, basically how
they work (especially in a specific company), and seeing this video make me
motivates me to succeed in this field. Thanks Eric f**kn awesome work you
are doing and very much appreciated.

pberglin says:

Good job on making the vid, and from what i saw, wells has my vote.

jozzu says:

great job Eric! I’m impressed.

Austin Aubinoe says:

I always buy Wells products. Whether there for my dads ’51 or ’59 chevy
pickups, his 1965 corvette, or in one of my many jeeps. Recently I bought a
dizzy cap, rotor and CPS sensor for my 1994 Grand Cherokee. Great to see
how much testing you do. PEOPLE, you get what you pay for! You can usually
get them from for the same cost of the shitty stuff auto zone

EricTheCarGuy says:

@820johndeere Glad you liked it, thanks for the comment.

EricTheCarGuy says:

@Flysohighx21 I use FCP to edit all my videos, thanks for the comment.

EricTheCarGuy says:

@Soulfly1134 Thanks for the great comment, I hope when your schooling is
done you get to work at a great place like Wells, I was very impressed by
what they did and how they did it.

CheekyMonkey888 says:

Actual manufacturing in America, so good to see

EricTheCarGuy says:

@needmorediesel Yea, perhaps they will have me back at some point, I really
liked Fond du Lac.

EricTheCarGuy says:

@Michiganborn1969 I love those shows too! In fact I modeled this video
after one of those episodes, thanks for noticing.

justhes says:

I think when I have to replace my electronic parts in my Explorer I’ll be
ordering from these guys!

EricTheCarGuy says:

@ibondwithmydog Glad you liked the video, this is one of my favorites.
Thanks for the comment.


Eric this was awesome thank you so much and i do agree the testing guy does
have the coolest job

EricTheCarGuy says:

@bennyboyhead Glad you liked it, thanks for the comment.

nightmathzombieethan says:

Cool subject matter, and very well produced, excellent as always!

Flysohighx21 says:

What did you use to edit this video? Its truly professional work!

Gizmopflege says:

Learned a lot watching this. Thanks!

EricTheCarGuy says:

@hjkgufytfyug High praise indeed since I modeled this video after that
exact program. Thanks for your comment.

goodandchew10 says:

The “super genius” was flicking me off!!!!

green95gt says:

very nice…thanks for this upload

Cruiseomatic says:

IF this is the same wells that builds the ignition switches for 50’s-70’s
fords from autozone, They would be better if made in china. Put key in,
Back falls off. Very bad crimps holding it on or better yet, has an
internal failure and starter will not disengage and your engine is left
running because you can’t pull the battery cables off…

dtwinky says:

this guy blew my mind….

ndchevy says:

I might be on wisconsin for a trip this summer 🙂

Thrizwald says:

Im about 30 minutes from Fondy. I work at a shop in Waupun that makes Valve
Guides and Seats for engines.

jayandshaz1181 says:

good man keep up the good work mate loving the channel

EricTheCarGuy says:

@readymade7777 Thanks readymade, high praise indeed from such a keen
observer of film and video.

EricTheCarGuy says:

@murphythegolfer Ha! someone did. I actually put that in the shot on
purpose cause I thought it was cool. Good eye.

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