How Tortilla Chips Are Made

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A look at the manufacturing process of tortilla chips.


Danyel J. Roberts says:

2:13 There is no way that guy wears that hilariously stupid looking
beard-net over his face on a typical day. His supervisors have obviously
made him wear it in front of the camera.

Chokie Kheyab says:

the chips looks like leafs

Hank memiggen says:

its call totopos,and where first created in mexico Do your research stupid

Andrea Tress says:

Stupid! Los angeles were part of mexico in that time! So yes, mexico create

sieben says:

most overpriced pieces of shit.

joel cardenas says:

How many people did it take to consume, of it all?

marcomili says:

tortillas were invented in Mexico! nachos weren’t

torrent00x says:

Potato chips are better

Kleavers says:

Why do they not break? O_o

Crab Juice says:

It’s 4:00AM and i’m watching how they make chips. What am i doing with my

Elvoalven says:

I really want Doitos now, and it’s 4 in the morning. 

lusciousvintage says:

where are the bloody gloves?!!

RASHID. HanibaL says:

F**k Chio and Lays.[ 80 % air 20 chips. lmao]

RadekRomans Romanowski says:

Doritos are the worst shit I have ever tasted. Chio … the same but Mex&Co
hmmmmmm delicious ! 

Tom Espinoza says:

Weird I wounded how they make Lays

tristan dewan says:

I think triangle because it’s based on the iluminati

Molly Moo Murphy says:

I have a nice bag of doritos with me right now, yum!

816morato says:

Tortillas were invented by the Aztecs in the 1100s, and so were chips, but
chips were made accidentally when the tortillas would be left too long on
the comales (clay pans) and they would harden, Aztecs did not fry them but
that’s how the chip was invented, It’s pretty shocking that a documentary
of this caliber would have so many inconsistencies. 

aypierre says:

weirdly he calls them chips, not crisps lmao

Edmundas K says:

i hate when food is been touched by the hand with out gloves or other
protection when they make it !!!!! it is so gross !!! 

.hack//Sword says:

2:13 lol. hairnet for his mustache.
At least I know it’s not just a silly idea.

e4rthw0rm says:

checking the thickness of tortilla chips, what a tough job indeed!

M Behrend says:

This vid is not bad

Javi d C says:

He says tortillas were invented in the Los Angeles ?? First do your
homework. Powdered corn meal will never be as good as fresh ground corn. 

aliyah jordan says:

Im eating Doritos while watching this lol

Themike wacshow says:

I just munched on nachos Doritos in California 60.2gr. Bag for one dollar
plus 8%tax .
This company’s are making profit of piggys like me, selling there obese
making people crummy chips. No more junk food please and scru all made in
China products. I only buy made in every were exempt for China.preferable
if i find made in USA it s a go. Cheers from Cali west side.

Lemau says:

Blessed be the guys (and gals) that work here. <3

Michael Biggs says:

They were not invented in Los Angeles. They were first massed produced
there. Nachos were already invented in Texas prior to the date they
started production in California. Of course you cannot have nachos without
having the chips. Nobody knows when they were invented but it was a very
long time ago.

Chatchakorn Eurtivong says:

Can’t they just flavour the chips after they were fried so they don’t have
to re-oil them again? just curious.

KingHighko says:

i want see how they make popcorners

carbonaza says:

Tortillas were definitely not invented in LA in 1940……

Pierre4452 says:

& who lives in Los Angeles in 1940s Mexican Americans. Lol

Pierre4452 says:

& who lives in Los Angeles in 1940s Mexican Americans. Lol

Frutos jugador says:

Hard tortillas were made by mexicans so basically they didnt invent
tortilla chips they just made them triangular

Mugen Infinite says:

No! Tortillas were first made by cavemen when lightning struck their corns.

WhoIsMaik says:

tortilla chips not growing on trees?

Raj Susarla says:

los angeles… he pronounces it loss angeleez. them british ppl…

Ramon Santana says:

These packages will one day be used as a balloon for air compressors.

Puzzling Centaur says:

I am eating some right now 🙂

RCBR12345 says:

As the video showed, you put it

Andrew Garcia says:

It’s like that guy loses his engagement ring in the dough

RCBR12345 says:

Oil doesn’t boil….

rat krat says:

2:25 its a though job to measure tortilla chips?

OperatorAce says:

Dried corn tortillas have been made for hundreds of years.

Josh Kearns says:

Corn chips

LuaniFFM says:

kanax in paris

sidal714 says:

so many chips, never enough salsa


How its made: Babies

Its Index says:

isnt a tortilla a round piece of bread? and i thought these were Doritos?

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