KEMET Ceramic Capacitor Manufacturing

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This video takes you inside KEMET’s manufacturing plants and describes how surface mount multilayer ceramic capacitors (SMD MLCCs) are produced.


Santiago Cortínez says:

Which are the components of those ceramic powders?

Agent24 says:

Just finished soldering a bunch of 0603s and found this very interesting

DeviloftheHelll says:

making billions of dollars a year and they cant afford a hd footage of the
processes. however its intresting

TheOldOakSyndicate says:

I hope someone uploads a video on how they make Jackman Capacitors.

Max Kingsbury says:

I was sort of curious how they get the bulk capacitors into tape reels, but
I guess that’s more generic. Very cool!

gandei100 says:

Very good demo of MLCC manufacturing process. Thanks.

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