Lou Dobbs On China Manufacturing in Mexico

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Trade Policy is turned upside down today as it was at the Founding of the American Republic. In his second inagural address, President Thomas Jefferson stated that no American, be he farmer, labor, or mechanic had ever seen a tax gatherer in these United States. How then did government get it’s revenue? Through taxes on foreign imports, the only legitimate means of government revenue under the US Constitution.

Ambassador Alan Keyes, former two time GOP Presidential Candidate explained this beautifully. He explained that we must not accept this vicious “free trade” as it is a misnomer. It is not fair, nor free. He stated that the USA is like a mall. Anyone wanting to do business in a mall must pay their rent. Rent goes to pay for the “infrastructure” to keep the lights on, keep the security up, janitorial work etc. You want to do business in the mall, to get rich by doing business in the mall? Well, you pay your rent—in this case, import taxes or tariffs. All nations want to come get rich by doing business in the best mall on earth (at least it was once but due to socialism is turning into a slum) Now, the American Taxpayer must pay for the infrastructure through a grevious to be born marxist graduated income tax, and China is given access to the “mall” with no rent due. This is criminal of the traitors in the US Congress, the Courts, and the Executive.


hardaxel says:

wow. usa is fuxed

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