Making tequila, harvesting a blue agave plant in Mexico

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A jimador cuts down and prepares a blue agave plant to be used to make tequila. This video was taken in Mexico, April 2009. From the website,


vineeth kavuri says:
rouncole1 says:

Is it wise to chop it up like that out in the field? I would imagine that
it would be better to take the thing whole over to a place where you could
catch the liquids before they drain into the dirt…

nongwinNO says:

Looks like a lot of work o:

ShaunWhiteismyGinger says:

mad respect for jimadors

chad j says:

great vid, respect to the farmer

RJ Garcia says:

Damn I need one of those tools. Taking out an agave plant with just a
shovel is hard as fuck. 

purogto32 says:

it gives me motivation to see older people work hard, kids this days just
sit around and play their videos games. good vid

Grover Sanschagrin says:

Yup, they’re all manually harvested. No machine exists that can do it.

Bouchon211 says:

Oh so your daddy is still beating you then sorry to hear that.

sporty04 says:

Definitely hard labor goes into making tequila. I read that they can make
12 cases of tequila out of one of those hearts. Look for 100% de agave on
the bottle. Straight up its delish.

bocaj10 says:


oiyabastard says:

thank you SHAMMY hagar for selling cabo to sauza for 80 million, now it is
a $25.00 of shit swill , jerk!!

Iron Cactus says:

Love tequila. Fun to watch him get to work making the delicious brew. Try
tequilas at Iron Cactus restaurants.

Bouchon211 says:

Hahaha! What is the source of all your anger did your daddy used to get
drunk and beat you or something? I have a perfect driving record with not
so much as a speeding ticket so your ridiculous generalizations are
laughable at best, and I am far from a drunk I drink a few times a week
max. Oh and i’m a bartender so cheers to you!

barak obama says:


Dslin Roo says:

Not all kids just play video games….Yeah they are working are working
hard to encourage the use of Alcoholic drinks…Fuck drinking Tequila.

elcultoalavida01 says:

he is a fucking ninja…

liberalinthedesertaz says:

@Accumulator1 lolz the guy has probably been doing that way for 30 or so
years, the same as his father…

bbmatty says:

this old man is solid as a rock I bet. That is alot of work and he probably
does that for 10 hours a day or more.

totalybitchn says:

como se llama…”RAFAEEL”….rafael mucho gusto…”YEA WHAT EVER BITCH
ajajaj (white people….,,

H3115B3115 says:

How long does it take to grow that big?

bouchy towel says:

are these bottle suppsed to have maggots in them?

Tatacocodrino says:

I love tequila con su sal le da sabor

fashonthem says:

Damn, now that is a hard working old dude…he shopped that plant like it
stole something from him LOL

Dslin Roo says:

Can you type a logical sentence please so i can understand you? I guess
that’s what killing your brain cell will do to you.

Accumulator1 says:

If I had to do that, I would rent a backhoe or at least use a makita
grinder to keep my shovel sharp. I would like to get hold a bottle of
natural syrup from this plant on my next visit.

MWolverine1969 says:

WOW! Very labor intensive! I never realized agave got that big! They should
use a cordless sawzall!

Dslin Roo says:

No wonder you’re arguing with a 14 year old. Why do you consume that drink?

xandertracer says:

Fantastic! Love tequila!!!

rodrick4500 says:

i love the fact that the douche keeps on adding his soliva to the mixture
wow this is you have to pay so much

Dslin Roo says:

Shut the fuck up and go drink hard with your buddies and go kill another
Innocent driver you drunk.

zearfox says:

Are all blue agaves harvested manually like that, or is it mechanised on
some farms?

Leonardo Reyes says:

this is like porn for a true tequila fan

Xenaisthebusiness says:

for thousands and thousands of years of human history,people have worked,
fought wars and fought plagues so that I could play these video games while
I drink tequila so i don’t appreciate you degrading their memory

cpgadvisory says:

that plant is a beast

thehoosierfortheUK says:

( Translation:) That’s good agave and it’s to tequila like good grapes are
to wine.

Jake Ryan Taylor says:


sporty04 says:

Typo I meant 12 bottles.

lukitazz568 says:


MidnightGrunt says:

@purogto32 Not me. I work outside all of the time and play video games and
go to school and find time to play bass!

brunettechocha says:

I enjoy seeing the process but Tequila is one of the nastiest tasting
liquors I’ve tried. The taste of Rum and Whiskey is far more enjoyable to
the palate. The only reason Mexicans drink it so much is because they grow
agave easily; thus, it became their national liquor. Otherwise screw it,
the only other thing far nastier is Absinthe.

Asper 1 says:

Una motosierra no estaria mal!!

dougd1015 says:

now i know what heaven look like

AlbertaZanoah says:

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to sugar. If you’re a sugar hog like me & need ta eat less sugar try Blue
Agave. Honey seems to have more sugar than Blue Agave. it’s not as sweet as
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mongoose100989 says:

texas isnt filled with “mexicans” u idiot,. theyre native americans… o_O?

An Solo says:

What is the process after that? I thought they burn it and let it ferment?
Then squeeze out the juices?

Bouchon211 says:

Wow you are crying so much!

uzipo1 says:

This is the agava that they make the 1800 tequila silver it’s the best
medicine in the world naturally against diabetis it help me go go down my
sugar levels from 429 to 162 the Armenian liqueur store owner told me so
and it worked to lower my sugar thanks god to agava silver tequila 1800
that reduced my sugar levels !!! I got diabetis 2 !!!

Neville Bartos says:

fuck up u lil shit talking maggot cunt

uzipo1 says:

Ohhh forgot to mention it made me a little drunk coz I had 1 once with
squeezed lime and 3 ice cubes I got diabetis 2 thanks to tequila 1800
silver it’s the blue bottle wata miracle lowered my sugar drastically !!!

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