Manufacturing process of Mexican Sinks and tiles

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Manufacturer explains the whole process of production of traditional Talavera sinks from Dolores Hidalgo.
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Coloursofmexico says:

@einzellerauszell 10×10 cm

Taxminia0311 says:

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einzellerauszell says:

nice tiles ….. they are 11×11 or 10,5×10,5 ????? …. I need several for
my bathroom !

Taxminia0311 says:

basically he rip them off the mexican by paying them low wages to have his
product made which I will neverrr fucking purchase any type of product tha
was made my mexicans or any type of hispanic makeer…You fucking bastard,
but I bet you his family live like king princess in a nice house with a
nice bank account cabronnnnnnnn

James J. Reilly says:

Hey, Gringo ! What kind of money are we talking here, per hour I mean ? And
would I get any re-fried beans along with that ? LOL

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