Mexico: The birthplace of corn bans GMO maize

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A judge in Mexico City has issued an injunction that suspends genetically engineered corn from being planted in the country, citing an imminent risk of harm to the environment. The suspension is effective immediately and ends the Mexican government’s field trials of GMO corn. Manufacturers of genetically-altered strains of the staple such as agribusiness giants Monsanto and DuPont are no longer permitted to farm or sell their seeds within Mexican territory. Activists who launched the lawsuit intend on making the halt permanent.

The ruling prohibits both the environmental and agriculture ministries from approving any further requests to carry out studies using the products. In essence, this reinstates the moratorium on growing GMO corn effective since 1988.

Adelita San Vicente Tello, President of the Semillas de Vida, A.C. foundation – one of the associations and foundations that came together to file and win the class A lawsuit – said: “We as (defending) organisations insist that all these permits are illegal. They have bypassed Bio-Security Act and are in violation of all existing bio-security measures that protect Mexico as Centre of Origin.” Tello, along with her fellow campaigners, fear the monopolisation and “privatisation of corn”.

Imported corn, however, is not affected by the court’s decision and can continue to be sold regardless of its genetic status.

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Jo Woo says:

So you put English on your title and the on about section, but theres not
English in the video…..why?

Koen De Jaeger says:
Carolina Velasco says:

Mexico: judge says no to Monsanto and DuPont in an attempt to stop
plantations of GMO corn. #GMO #Monsanto #dupont

Ruptly TV says:

Mexico: The birthplace of corn says no to #GMO maize

Ruptly TV says:

Mexico: judge says no to Monsanto and DuPont in an attempt to stop
plantations of GMO corn. #GMO #Monsanto #dupont

Garmao says:

spread the word!

Koen De Jaeger says:

Indeed that’s what I think as well. The genie is out of the bottle long
time ago. Monsanto & Co is not worried at all. Just a matter of time for
them now.

bubakushog says:

I heard if its already been planted it affects other corn crops so they
been affected no matter what you do now they get ….by these geneticly
modified plants and they won’t be the same anymore as far as I know it!

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