Pottery Manufacturing & Distributing – Best Buys with Alan Mendelson

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Pottery Manufacturing & Distributing is a popular seller and wholesaler of pottery and those of you who remember my Best Buys reports on KCAL-TV Channel 9 know that I featured this company many times on the news because of their great prices and variety and knowledge about all sorts of pottery for the home and for business. Pottery Manufacturing & Distributing has its own factories and is a direct importer of pottery from around the world including China and Mexico and Vietnam. The pottery styles vary from traditional to classic to contemporary and modern and there is standard clay pottery as well as ceramics and colorful pottery to match today’s color trends. In fact, new colors are introduced all the time to match the new colors that designers are bringing to the market. The store and warehouse is open 7 days and check for closeouts and overstocks and even a large inventory of seconds. These seconds have minor flaws but the pottery is still structurally intact so it won’t break from weakness. Pottery Manufacturing & Distributing is at 18881 S. Hoover Street, Gardena and this is near the 110 Freeway. Call (310) 323-7754 or go to their website at http://www.potterymfg.com for information. You’ll find prices discounted here way below retail.


potterylady1 says:

where is this place located?

William Crombie says:

If you’re look for pottery, look no farther. HUGE inventory, amazing
selection of styles and colors. Easy parking too. Oh, the prices are very

Virginia Creeper says:

Great selection, I never have seen so many choices, thanks 4 the video.

Lê Thọ Tài says:

pdlpottery viet nam

mickey mouse says:

This looks like Side Street Studio in Oak Bay, Victoria. I have been there
and the selection of pottery and the service is excellent. All made by
local artists.

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