SMC Manufacturing Services: A Principles-based Electronics Contract Manufacturer.

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Located in Nicholasville, Kentucky, SMC Manufacturing Services is a provider of electronics manufacturing services, PCBA, systems integration and cable wire harness solutions. Through a principles-based business model, SMC employes highly-trained, highly experienced professionals who excel not only in the fields of engineering, manufacturing and technology, but also in relationship management.

If you’d like to learn more about SMC Manufacturing Services, and the diverse listing of services we offer, visit our website at


Slappy Fistwad says:

Funny commercial, SMC brags about how bloated and bureaucratic they are.
How much value can you really provide if you have to pay for layers and
layers of redundant personnel just to get the job done? No wonder Asia is
dominating this industry….

SMC Manufacturing Services says:

Have you taken a look at the #SMC Manufacturing Services YouTube page? Head
over and learn more about the company, as well as our dedication and
commitment to principles. Stay tuned for more! #Manufacturing #Engineering

SMC Manufacturing Services says:

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