SMP Wire and Cable Manufacturing, Reynosa, Mexico

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Standard Motor Products, Inc. has three North American locations for their Wire & Cable division including a plant in Reynosa, Mexico. This 100,000 square foot high-volume facility specializes in manufacturing and assembling ignition wires and custom packaging of electrical terminals and fittings. These products are distributed to a wide range of automotive markets including original equipment and original equipment service, traditional as well as non-traditional markets.

At the wire set assembly stage, ignition wires are cut to length from reels of SMP’s own manufactured cable. This cable is manufactured with the most automated wire manufacturing equipment utilizing a vertically integrated production process that includes custom silicone compounding, multi-core fabrication, inner jacketing, braiding and continuous vulcanization outer jacketing. The assembly process includes all phases of production from cutting and stripping to terminating, booting and thorough testing. The entire progression from raw material through packaging is under strict quality control.


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