The Challenge Ahead: Global Manufacturing Outlook 2014-2015

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MAPI Foundation economists offer insights and manufacturing forecasts for key global regions in this roundtable.

• 00:15 Dan Meckstroth addresses the industrial outlook for the United States, where we’re expecting to see industrial production growth of 3.2% in 2014 and 4.0% in 2015
• 01:57 Kris Bledowski speaks to developments in the Eurozone and Central Europe, noting that investment demands are driving capital goods output in the Eurozone
• 04:17 Yingying Xu provides an overview of China, where she finds economic growth stabilizing
• 06:11 Cliff Waldman details the landscape in India, where industrial production is forecast to advance 6% in 2015
• 07:54 Fernando Sedano reviews the forecast for Latin America and says growth is supported by Mexican industries
• 09:28 Don Norman discusses what’s in store for U.S. energy prospects, paying special attention to the opportunity presented by production of 3.2 million additional barrels of oil per day since 2008


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The Challenge Ahead: how’s the economy looking for the next year?

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