Toluca Assembly Plant Fiat 500 manufacturing footage

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Toluca Assembly Plant Fiat 500 manufacturing footage


Eduardo Bether says:

la verdad que como dueño de un 500 puedo decir que la mano de obra mexicana
10 puntos!!ojala argentina mejore asi sus productos!!

Lexingtonmineral Blaine says:

Who knew!!

MC_P_123 says:

3:40 O.O They’ve captured a transformer

manuel gonzalez sevilla says:

No me gusto los pasos a seguir son malos no hay secuencia esyan del tingo
al tango vamos somos mexicanos hay ke demostrar ke somos fregones saludos

nsmsam says:

I have my Abarth for a year. The interior has a lot of rattles. Almost
everyone experiences driver side window rattles. Dealer helps us fix it by
adding lubricant at weather seal. Problem comes back in one week. My blower
fan motor whining very noisy starting 7k miles. I will recommend the car to
friends is don’t like. 

Fred Jones says:

Just purchased an amazing Abarth and we removed the back seat and made it
into a hatch just big enough for 2 adults and 2 dogs., Fred Australia

Randy K says:

Great Vid!

daguzify says:

Just purchased an Abarth…Gracias Toluca, Mexico.

Antônio Cesar Santos de Moraes says:

coolest car ever!

Alessio Vigna says:

It’s around 7,000 people all over Mexico. Unfortunately (or luckily)
automotive plants are now always below a maximum of 4-5k workers. A 6,000
plant is considered huge nowadays

Fabio Alves Medeiros says:

I have one, and Im really happy about it. its a impressive Car!!!

PussMag says:

0:16 its the largest TP i have ever seen

superabed says:

5:00 They use the same assembling platforms for the Freemont!:)

barakquiel gosh says:

Hi there greetings from Mexico

851995STARGATE says:

7:30 the fiats jacking it lol

Alessio S says:

Greetings from italy to the mexican allies 😀

Brook Parsons says:

@MrPman851 Never with tax payer dollars, touting the creation or saving of
American jobs

Todd Wright says:

thats the dodge Journey thats being built along side the 500

bmwmsport11 says:

Nice to know. The first Italian car that ISN’T hand built lol

Charly LinBec says:

Y vamos por el fiat electrico…..100% manofactura Toluqueña

81Sevit says:

Questa è bella…. FIAT (fix it again Tony). Hahahahaha

Alessio S says:

yes, it is sayd and proven that the polish are more loyal to quality that’s
why Fiat rewarded poland to bult new models instead of Pomiliano Italy

Andrea Milnes says:

Gracias a la gente de la fabrica para hacer mi pequeno coche impresionante.

angelrojo1988 says:

Sabes leer imbécil??? Trabajé un año ahí, ni respuesta mereces miserable

betatalk357 says:

How much did it cost? How big is the engine, is it powerful or fast, and
was it worth buying? I’ve been having a nightmare with car buying whether
new or used, and I’ve practically given up on the whole thing.

MrPman851 says:

@brook61, true.

cristiangalicia67 says:

Lo echo en méxico esta biieen echo

Pedro Talavera says:

Mexico should have much less poverty. They make a lot of things there.

Alessio Vigna says:

As Endi correctly said, Toluca produces also the Journey/Freemont. And yes,
basically all the 500 versions with the American specs are made in Toluca,
while for Europe they are made in Tychy, Poland.

851995STARGATE says:

That’s the old way of thinking dumb fuck go troll on some other fiat video
like you’be been doing so far

717399 says:

Scusate ma che fabbrica e della fiat questa? Sud America presumo?


Abarth made in italy 100%

thebaroneblu says:

realizzata in messico

Charly LinBec says:

100% toluqueños……Salu2

pennypacker93 says:

one day no people will be needed to do this 🙁 so with an ever expanding
population in the planet- what the fuck will we all do?? I mean some of us
like manual work with our hands- fuck COMPUTERS!

Lucas Sam says:

I realized that none of the workers wears protective glasses. I am a young
student in mechanical engineering and I find this very unsafe. Where is
this built?

millwrightman99 says:

You are correct , except that greedy protectionist government will have a
solution for you , its called import taxes , so that the industries that
are providing the big kick-backs get to keep selling their overpriced cars
. They have done that for years , why do you think Russian cars are not
around , the Lada died a premature death , it should have been developed
into a better automobile .or even the Scoda deserved a chance .

Hiei2k7 says:

There’s a few. A large dealer in Fayetteville AR sells Fiats. Number will
probably increase as Fiat puts their mark on Chrysler.

Alessio Vigna says:

It’s Toluca, Mexico. But, for instance, this is the standard also in
Europe: glasses are mandatory just for some activities.

Chinga Tumadre says:

Messico, toluca, perche ?

MarcoHernandez says:

oo que buena info creo que fui engañado xdd salu2

Alessio Vigna says:

That’s curious, because, in reality, here we spend 50% of the time trying
to solve electronic problems on Thema and Freemont ;-). Anyway, you are
right all 500 versions (including Abarth) are made in Poland for EU and in
Mexico for NA

angelrojo1988 says:

Pobre pendejo, ni respuesta mereces

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