Assisted Living in Mexico

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Recently I traveled to Mexico to see first hand what Assisted Living can look like. I found out that there are over 1 million Americans living in Mexico today. Many made the move right after retirement from work. Many of those americans are aging and aging with care needs. The community I visited is run and managed by a United States company. One can see that they have put into place standards and policies that are within US guidelines. As of today, there are not strong regulations about assisted living as there are in United States, but with the growth of international “senior” care business, this will change.

With this growth, many elderly seniors and their families in the United States are thinking of Mexico as a viable option for assisted living and dementia care.

Why the attraction? Price, Value and hospitality.
In San Diego County, an modern large assisted living community that offers all inclusive care can reach well over $4,500. For Demenita care average can be around $6000.

In the community I visited in Mexico – all inclusive priced assisted living care was $2,100 with a view of the Pacific Ocean.

Value – the value is in staffing. There tend to be more caregivers and professionally trained nurses on staff 2:1 ratio (two seniors to one caregiver) versus American communities ratios that are 10:1, 15:1 ,or 20:1 twenty seniors to one caregiver.

Hospitality – when I toured this beachside assisted living community, activity program was very personalized as described by the executive director. If a pair of residents want to go shopping for the day, they will arrange for a shopping trip. The focus is on what the resident wants to do for the day. Not what the activity calendar tells them what to do.

Some other questions to think about when thinking of this option –

What about my US health insurance, medical care, medication, etc. This does require further investigation. Most all communities have strong relationships with local hospitals. In larger cities many hospitals have US relationships. The community I visited was just north of Rosarito Beach and if a resident requests transportation to a US hospital, they will make it happen immediately.

Crossing the border can be another challenge – Not with the community I visited. They were granted special express pass on par with medical facilities and 5 star hotels. My wait getting back to the US was less than 15 minutes vs. 3 hours.

It’s good to know there are other options.


Trisha Astorga says:

You can also find more information regarding this option on the facebook
page- Residencia Lourdes Pacifica .

Kira Anthofer says:

Lots of good choices. Family caregivers need to be well informed and
consider professional guidance when looking at out of country senior living

Billy Tames says:

Look for Sage at Oasis of Hope for more information…

Kira Anthofer says:

The options in Mexico are just as diverse as they are here in the United
States. The two greatest benefits for the elderly are the care dollars are
stretched farther in Mexico and the staff ratio is lower (1:3 vs. 1:20).
Thank you for your comment.

Regis Social Media says:

What a informative and encouraging video! With health care being so
expensive here in the states, it is a relief to see that there actually are
options for ex-pats living in Mexico. I hope this type of information gets
spread further.

Michele Kole says:

Very informative. It was good to hear about the value provided and level of
available care within minutes of San Diego. Thank you for providing an
excellent overview of what you found in Mexico – well worth considering.

Kira Anthofer says:

Thank you for the letting us know about your community in Mexico. So many
options. Love to tour some day.

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