Costco – Our Favorite Companies Series (Episode 52)

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In this episode, business experts Joon S. Han and Christine McDannell discuss the many things that go into making Costco (Joon’s absolute favorite company) an awesome company and how we can improve our businesses with some of the things they have proven that work in business.

The “Expert Minute” segment for this week is “Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion” by Gary Vaynerchuk.

The “Viewer Mail” segment is from Greg, Raleigh, NC and he asks “What do you think about coaching, does it work?”

We hope you enjoy it and please send in your very own viewer mail on our website… Thanks!


TheJavidSeries says:

Check out our rap about Costco!

Wholesale Paradise – Youngfoolaz (Costco RAP)

BellinghamsterTrail says:

Me too. I like to put all my hotdogs on Visa. Its easier to keep track that

BellinghamsterTrail says:

Costco’s hotdog and soda combo is priced too low. They should raise the
price to $2.00

antihoboravage says:

Here’s a helpful tip for you. Rather than returning an item and buying it
again on sale, simply bring in the receipt within 30 days of the purchase
and they’ll rebate it without even seeing the product! That saves you time
and Costco money having to salvage all the junk you bring back for no

paxiijonez says:

Great ep

Get Ahead by Giving Back says:

make sense! (can’t tell if you’re angry or just emphatic at the end of your
comment…). some of my items are definitely more than 30 days out
though… yes, i’m weird!

Matthew Perry says:

Costco warehouse 675 in Texas a employe in membership named Joe will force
you to to upgrade your membership and will not downgrade your membership
make sure to avoid him

Riyaz khan says:

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Connor Day says:

its only 3% with amex and exec card.. 2 from costo, 1 from american
express. not 4% haha:)

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