Forbes Talks To The Richest Person In The World

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Carlos Slim Helu doesn’t believe in handouts. He’s got another approach to improving people’s lives.
The 2012 Forbes Billionaires list:

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TheMexikingisback2 says:

He’s mexican, he was born and raised there, isn’t fucking muslim, doesn’t
speak their language and isn’t a fucking oil tycoon, he made his wealth off
of mexican enterprise because that shitty country of Lebanon couldnt offer
his parents a thing, so they left. End of story.

Adam Eeleye says:

American billioners look down upon their people.. This man is thinking
about his poor country men.. I salute you !

illest says:

Just because you were born in mexico does not mean your mexican thats like
saying a indian born in africa is a african lmao!

Yazmin Chavez says:

As of Today
Carlos Slim:::: 81.9 Billion
Gates ::: 79.1 Billion
Almost 2 Billion richer AssHOOOolee

BattlefieldWarOps says:

Meanwhile in Africa…

Janine Shideler says:

No wonder Carlos Slim is up there, teaching and bettering the world is way
better than just give money for popularity. He is looking for solutions to
poverty, not by using band-aids!

2dasimmons says:

With that much $$, why not just gift people a laptop who go to digital
library? And just keep loaner laptops on hand? Certainly that is
affordable. Where is the genuine generosity instead of this pseudo


Forbes Talks To The Richest Person in the world ! BOW DOWN HES A MEXICAN!

DanielW827 says:

one time ill be rich too lol^

Shiran De Silva says:

Dear Sirs, I have always said and travelled to each and every country to to
do just what this kind and thoughtful man is doing please visit my videos
and see how to improve the life and better the life of human not giving
money but showing them to take ownership of their part of the action in the

bisquitnspanky says:

It’s always interesting to listen to guys like this one and the Koch
brothers who have never once lifted a finger to do the slightest bit of
work in their entire lives yet are unimaginably wealthy, talk about how
others should work for/earn their keep. If this guy had to earn what he
has, he’d be dead in less than a second from the effort. 

T Moan says:

fuck him pay me

Sam Lang says:

carlos has the best mix in him mexican and Lebanese now that is a strong

MrXmannymanx says:

I dont get why people claim hes not mexican when he was raised in
Mexico….Same thing goes for us Mexican AMericans born and raised in the
US…My Mom was born and raised in mexico but i was born and raised
here…so that makes me more American than Mexican…but i guess u have to
be white be full American

Philo Jewett says:

Oddly enough, we don’t actually know who the richest people in the world
are… We don’t know who the central banks of the world are paying all of
their quadrillions of dollars of interest to, year after year. 🙂

All we know is that there are some very hilarious men out there somewhere
who rigged this game nice and tight. Alas, times are changing, and soon,
the average people will reclaim their full power as creative beings.

Most importantly, though… real success will be had. Real success is a
measure of how happy you are. Dollars are irrelevant, in most cases.

EL CHOW says:

who cares where he descents from he is still Mexican 

MRKILL786 says:


Webastian Cardona says:

Carlos Slim lives in a house much of us could live in,.. He has never
longed for yachts, mansions or planes.. That’s for selfish and greedy
assholes! He’s looking for support our people and make our country get over
poberty..! I’m proud of being mexican as he is.

Juventino Romero says:

A lion always will be a lion, even if you
Move him to another jungle!!!!!!

Xavier M says:

Probably slangs some tonnes of narcotics here and there…

MRKILL786 says:


Nick Smith says:

he helps people in mexico city buy putting tons and tons of labtops in
libraries around mexico city for poor Mexicans toborrow

Dominic Kelly says:


quetzalamaru says:

Then, in the U.S. the issue of immigration becomes a political and social
debate, when the real issue should point at the rot in Mexico. Immigration
is not the issue, it is the result or condition of corruption, abuse, and

ron batura says:

can i just have 1% of his money..

Handsome Vlad says:

He’s not the richest person in the world. The Rothchild family is….

Dominic Kelly says:

When she said pore I was like “ok”. When she said Mexicans I said “WHAT THE

S.B.P Leonardo Vega says:

you didn’t know you rich white folk are

Mohamed Hussein says:

Who cares where he comes from wtf are you stupid tell that to all yhe
mexicans born in usa they still say viva mexico and hold pride in being
mexican the man is pure arab and you hate it cause you thought yess a
mexican is the richest man in the qorld only to find out he is an arab
hahahaba yalla ya arabia and hes muslim too suck on on that 

abraham cubias says:

that bitch sounds so racist!!!!!

huntertony56 says:

wait wtf does he do i dont get how he is so rich!! please someone help me
understand it

Francisco Soria says:

Now I Know why he is a billionaire. I also believe that if their is a
person that can make a change in Mexico it’s Carlos Slim. He understands
that he could donate millions to charadise and still not make a difference,
so he is taking it on his own hands to give people the materials to gain
knowledge quickly. That’s what a laptop can give. Tring to help a country
reach that perfect utopia, or perfect society. Hopefully It isn’t just a
deception of the new world order.

quetzalamaru says:

The pride of Mexico?
About 10 families in Mexico have all the wealth of that nation, while 50%
of the people make a living at $6 a day.
Less than 30% of the Mexican population voted for the monkey that is
president now…while the rest of the country has lost hope and see’s
immigrating as the only option…

gerardo reyes says:

Lol the stupidity in the comments

ThatThrift Piff says:

” poor Mexicans ” wrong choice of words ma’am..

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