Governor Rick Perry Endorsed by Mexican President for Giving Mexicans Scholarships!

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Texas Governor Rick Perry was endorsed by Mexican President Vincente Fox for giving Mexican migrants access to Texas universities! The insanity must stop and Rick Perry must stop breaking his promises. Close the border and help bring the common sense Arizona immigration laws to Texas!


Kristine Troidl says:

It can not be classified as racism, when people are against ILLEGALS….
Illegal isn’t a race.

SanDiegoMinutemen says:

@leotheman2003 Typical racist response. I was born here dickface. What
planet were your born on?

TodayzTomSawyer says:

To all the crybabies out there who keep throwing out the racist card: What
do you think happens if a white Canadian is found living in the US
illegally? You think ICE slaps him on the back and says “Good thing you
white or we’d of thrown you back.” ANY person ILLEGALLY in the US should be
sent packing, no matter the race. I read about it happeneing here in Phx. A
Welshman was sent home last year FOR BEING IN THE US ILLEGALLY. Understand?

rawdawg15 says:

@LaLatinaJulieta Do I have to give them loads of my tax money to not be
racist in your eyes?

knightschwartz says:

If your ready to cheer on your dispoession by political correct cowards
then RICK PERRY’S YOUR MAN. -He will go the boards to make sure europeans
are a minority in America ASAP. Cause to be a “conservative” u just gotta
say some vague cliches about “limited goverment” and obbesses about tax
rates that can be changed every couple of years while you ignore and
denounce those who don’t go along with ignoring the most important issue
(the demographic future of the US) which can’t be changed.

Ricky Bobby says:

Screw off dick head, not wasting any more time on a racist’s asshole

LaLatinaJulieta says:

Don’t see why you guys are againts Mexicans…

yourtreat2 says:

Only a brain dead idiot would vote for Rick Perry, another Texas Tea Bagger
Governor, following in the footsteps of GWB, yet another brain dead idiot
Texas Governor that shares the same idiotic views as the Tea Baggers.

arr5612 says:

More like Ricardo Perez!

SanDiegoMinutemen says:

@leotheman2003 Stop being a stupid asshole! Deport yourself to Mexico or
some other third world shithole.

borderraven says:

See Legal Analysis of Arizona’s S.B. 1070 for the US Congress
fasDOTorg/sgp/crs/homesec/R41221.pdf See scribdDOTcom/doc/33483116

Ricky Bobby says:

@SanDiegoMinutemen , as soon as you head back to what ever country your
racists ass is organically from , because your sure as hell no native of
this land dumass.

Ricky Bobby says:


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