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Mexico might be witnessing steady economic growth but in recent months it’s been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. The country is battling a serious security and violence problem. But that doesn’t seem to be putting off German investors. Thomas Wagner has been based in Mexico for years, helping German businesses build up a presence.
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Israel Ruelas says:

What people need to understand is that NOT ALL MEXICO IS IN A TURF WAR!!!!
Mostly northern Mexico is and now in 2013 it has calmed down quite a bit.
You can say that certain cartels have won and other were liquidated which
equals less violence. Certain parts of Mexico are still unsafe but lets not
forget Mexico is a big country. I would say 85% of Mexico is relatively
safe with about 15% high crime is still an issue. 

Badger at Toad Hall says:

mexico has much higher wages thaan china, also capitalism is growing
mexicos middle class

Hayden Capaldi says:

Great 🙂

PushWagner says:

Viva Mexico Viva la Maquila, with wages lower than China and bribes for the
goberment capitalism new paradise

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