Oil in Mexico & the Future of Pemex

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Alma Rosa Moreno, Senior Advisor to the CEO, PEMEX
Moderator: Jeremy Martin, Energy Program Director, Institute of the Americas

Pemex’s adoption of important measures based upon the nation’s energy reform signed into law in 2008 is ongoing, and Mexico’s notably successful oil price hedges of recent years has boosted the industry. But, the company and nation are also dealing with the fallout from the Deepwater Horizon accident in the US Gulf and the ever-present oil production challenges and the dwindling output of the Cantarell field.


EkBalam707 says:

PEMEX es una empresa mexicana de éxito y México cuenta con las mayores
reservas petroleras del planeta.

Armando David Rodriguez says:

Her english is fine. Are you complaining related to her translation?? I am
educated in California and she speaks perfectly. I am fluent in both
languages Spanish & English….

shaikhymx says:

only mouthpieces for Pemex

Salvador Vega says:

I agree

Thomas Lacombe says:

Estamos a sus ordenes para respaldar todos sus proyectos de traduccion.

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