US Taxpayers Moving to Mexico

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Presentation by Chuck Heyde of GEMMS in December of 2010 to several US Citizens considering moving to Mexico. Topics discussed included permanent US expatriation, long term US expatriate, short term US expat/business trip, foreign bank accounts, foreign mortgage gains, foreign earned income exlcusion, foreign tax credits, and many more.


Nomad Capitalist says:

Nice work. Many Americans don’t look past the hype and realize that Mexico
is probably a more free country than The Land of the Free itself.

Stephen Griffin says:


TheFlyGringo says:

Having lived 2 years in Mexico, it isn’t “probably” a more free country, it
is free. Except for the initial border crossing, and visa extension filing,
no one once asked me for my address, my phone number, my slave surveillance
number “SSN#”, my zip code. I had privacy and people respected it. My first
week back in the U.S. I was shopping at a furniture store. At the cashier,
I was asked for my phone number. Is that a simple customer service or
marketing program? Think again….

SportsCamera says:

Good job Chuck!

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