Words of Wisdom From Self-Made Billionaires (Incredible Tips For Extreme Success)

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DumpinMyGun says:

Most of these faggots are river rat Jews who had money from birth!

MASSIVE head start is all I’m saying.

Mike Oxlong says:

@dr1345 you arent really fooling anyone. Your demeener makes it obvious
that you arent wealthy. You can attack me and others all you want, but it
wont get you any closer to actually being successful. Its obvious that thus
far you are a bitter failure who is seeking a reaction. Good luck

relentlessmadman says:

so go out with your billions and make jobs, for others. 

Luke Haywood says:

Who is the British guy?


So many negative thinkers in the comments below, calling money “evil”
because they have never experienced the joy of having it, and they don’t
believe they can have it due to limiting beliefs. 

malgorzata kruczek says:


TheDuece28 says:


relentlessmadman says:

Ted cnn advertises to much for the news they deliver! Oh what happened to

Rich Handsome says:

Great folks but non of them mention the powers of the mind..maybe non of
them want you to know ? 

dr1345 says:

Well, the reason I became rich was simple, I had a starting capital which
allowed me to get other people to work for me, so I could exploit their
labor for my own gain. I don’t really work that hard. I just sit in the
office and plan the strategy with my managers, then I give out directions
to the supervisors, and they make sure my employees carry out the task.
Making other people to do all the work is the key to one’s success. That’s
how you become rich.

DirtyDarkScopez says:

Are the last 2 saying status quo?

SIRA063 says:

@1:56″you dont have to apologize for being small”. That whole rant screamed
of traumatization

StartOwnBusinessGuide.com says:

#billionairesclub #businesstips 


Why would anybody need this MUCH money at all? What’s the purpose if still
live miserable, loads of new problems, attain cancer, spoil kids that don’t
give a shit but take ur money, cheating wife… lol….. I practically
just point and buy things without the feeling of “man I just worked hard to
save all this money now i can buy it”… Well that’s my opinion…..
Billionaire…. damn too much money…. “money the ROOT of all evil”…

Mayyim Ruach Hayyim says:

קדש הסם אני התפּלל עבור לגדול של אִילָן בְּאֹפֶן אורגני ו רָפָא אל נשמות
Qadosh hashem ani hitpallel avur leegdol shel ilan beofen ayurgani va rapha
el neshama
Holy *insert diety here* we pray for growth of tree in a way organic and
healing to the Soul


תדוה עבור מָטָר
Todah avur matar
Thanks for rain

Josh Krier says:

Absorb the valuable information and ignore the rest! Best advice I’v ever
been given. 

Woodie says:

It shouldn’t b poor or Rich it should b lower class, middle class, n then
the Rich

Prologic Acquisitions says:

Words of Wisdom From Self-Made Billionaires (Incredible Tips For Extreme
Success) #prologicacquisitions
Words of Wisdom From Self-Made Billionaires (Incredible Tips For Extreme

ChangeN2Bread LLC says:

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called Changen2bread. Go follow and like on instagram and facebook.

Simon Byrne says:

Some Great Insights Into The World’s Self made Billionaire
Summary Think Outside The Normal & Work Your Backside Off 

Dutch Fisher Real Estate says:
Brent Hogarth says:
GianiiTV says:

Gibt es Deutschsprachige hier? – Like

Woodie says:

Actually its harder, if u notice all u billionaires are white

zlaw777 says:

It’s easy for them to say those things in retrospect

relentlessmadman says:

a wise man can deliver an hour talk in under five minutes

Immuntocrap 2 says:

Oprah ruined it.

B. Chan says:

Pfft ppl are soooooo lame. Get money!!!

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