bush’s Commerce Sec. Guiterrez Confirms N. American Union

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CNN-Dobbs Video –

Dobbs busts bush’s NAU goboy Commerce Secretary Carlos Guiterrez giving a speech about the North American Union while in Mexico.

Dobbs also states that bush wants the integration finished by 2010.

Lou mentions a little thing called the Constitution while slamming the NAU.

Also included is an admission by the SPP that they have an image problem they need to correct.


millions20101 says:

@sspanzerleader yeah im agree with you!!

maldonadoch says:

To form a super nation is the ideal to compete, the money of the USA, the
passion of mexico and its culture and the canada education of. Well-taken
care of Wow world so that North America comes already Formar una super
nacion es lo ideal para competir, El dinero de USA, La pasion de mexico y
su cultura y la educacion de canada. Wow Cuidado mundo por que Norte
America viene ya¡¡¡

whatyouwannamyfriend says:

I agree with you…100% North Americans are too afraid.

klonedklein says:

this freedom of info shit is ridiculous… if you have to ask for info,
they surely aren’t going to give you any info that can be used against
them, no matter how real the situation is.

pinkjethrozepp says:

amen, distressed. amen.

Ray Rodriguez says:

stupid ignorant…does oil sounds worthless to you, silver,gold,
methanol.mexico in the near future is going to feed us and canada of
produce,, and if you read some world news your fucking president bush just
when to mexico to ask mexican president for help to start building the
biggest methanol plant in the americas..sooo stupid ignorant in the near
future worthless mexico is going to supply produce for you to eat and
methanol for your fucking car…

scottgamc says:

When the hell are WE gonna take our country back? Why do we stand by and
let this happen? Why can’t we FIRE THEM!? We pay their salaries! Things
need to change and they need to change NOW!

whatyouwannamyfriend says:

What’s going on? you trembling? why? because you feel like you’re going to
get fucked? HA HA MUST BE!!!!

terryg999 says:

The EU is a Joke. If it keeps going as it is now it will collaspe upon
itself in ten years. The NAU is just another example of government
incompetence catching up with itself and trying to fix it by costing you (
and me ) money.

marcusborg83 says:

What do you mean by harmony? Having one central bank printing the money and
then collect interest from the whole region? EU is not aboput harmony it’s
just one step closer to world government and a world central bank.

whatyouwannamyfriend says:

come on lou… better brush up your spanish and french soon if you want to
keep commentating on the mexican or french cnn… he he he… mhhhuaaaa
haaa haaa… but then again you seem uncapable to learn a new language…
because you are too racist… muahhaaaa haa haaaa….

5hitter says:

What right do politicians have doing whatever they like without referendums
and voting on it? What do you expect from sellouts and TRAITORS.RESIST

james flack says:

1984 Trade and Tariff Act allows the executive Branch og Government to
enter into bilateral and trilateral trade treaties with out any need for
Congressional oversight. Thanks Ronald Reagon!

Warrior4god13 says:

Welcome to The New World Order ,Lost City of Angels ,you are just a scarred
Drug Feine ,you have no knowledge of anything,and are a scarred little hood
rat .We will deal with you for being a traitor to this Country. You had to
upload this ,and now you see theu truth.But it’s too late for you,you and
your Homies will be dealt with accordingly.Been doing it all my life ,now
there will be an excuse. This message is directed ,to a fucking drug
Condoning addict ,who uploaded this to his Channel.

mystykit says:

We have 50 Trillion Dollars of debt now. If Canada and Mexico wants to be
bail us out, fine by me.

marcusborg83 says:

I don’t like the european union, you don’t want the same kind of thing in
North America. You haven’t even had the chance to vote about it

josephjm83 says:

ROFL, there is no god, prove his existence to me

whatyouwannamyfriend says:

yeah, ” a little thing” called the constitution, which really does nothing
when the special interests of the powerful come to play…

wmfinch says:

Well, get ready for dangerous mexican trucks entering the country this
weekend to start the nau. don’t believe it, check it out on Fox news. If
you get in an accident, there is no one to sue. they all belong to the mex

mystykit says:

I didn’t hear a peep about this. What happened?

josephjm83 says:

well if it happens hopefully it is just us and canada… just leave out
mexico… they are worthless and would not contribute anything of value to
the union

Stepper11 says:

Taxation w/out representation. That was a primary cause of this country’s
war of Independence. This government is out of control, honoring no
accountability measures at all. May be time for another revolution, People.

mystykit says:

The USA has a deficit of 50 trillion US dollars. If Mexico and Canada wants
to bail us out, thank you both. Sincerely. I look forward to more trips
across the borders without a hassle and buying some cheap land in both

whatyouwannamyfriend says:

Well “North Americans” don’t speak proper ENGLISH either you fucking
moron…They speak adopted Eglish hence the name ENGLISH, get it? GET IT?

pawnzorX says:

I dont really sympathize with you guys.. i live in Canada. But i guess it
affects us Canadians a little.

whatyouwannamyfriend says:

ha ha ha, we as in you have the power, which you don’t… it is just an
ilusion, you are in the matrix… wake up neo…ha ha ha ha.. NAU yeah
baby…you go georgie… and vecente and the frenchie… ha ha ha. welcome
to the jungle….. let’s revish each other…


dangerous mexican trucks are out to get you jajajajajjajajajajajjajaja.
Dumb fucker give better reasons than that. im against it by the the way

3rdeye47 says:


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